Is 40 too old? - page 3

By the time I got in and graduated from CRNA school I would be nearly 40. Does anyone see this as to old to be getting into this area? What are the average ages of some of your classmates?... Read More

  1. by   nurse51rn
    I agree with all those wise nurses who posted a reply. I was 51 when I received my BSN and at 53 I am in my 2nd yr of grad school. Knowledge is worth it at any age!
  2. by   MICU RN
    I am 37 and will be 40 when I graduate as a crna in MAY 2006. As many have stated, I will be 40 anyway, so why not become a crna at 40. Any way I still feel very young at heart and have two little children to help keep me active.
  3. by   roxannekkb
    My uncle started medical school when he was 41! Went through school, a residency and today is a practicing neurologist. You're only too old if you think you are.
  4. by   jimmycrackcorn
    NO! NO! NO! - I'm 40 and am starting my nursing program just to get to ICU with a public hospital; this will let me get too CRNA school and I have adjusted my lifestyle to take the hit on income for going full time and I have kid on the way and my wife does not work. NO, 40 is not old. Not for me. No. No. No...I refuse to believe but only in myself