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Hello, I am currently applying for CRNA programs starting in the fall of 2002 and have secured two interviews. The first interview is with Georgetown University, in Washington DC, and the second... Read More

  1. by   nilepoc
    Pbutler, I spoke to your wife this evening, she states she will take my info into advisement. Don't know what that means.

    Malestudent I learned a great deal from my clinicals, and took a great many things away with me. But where I learned the most, was while extering and actually practicing as a nurse.

    I felt that clinicals were a great deal of fun, I never had a problem with and instructor, nor a hospital. I hope you have the same luck should you choose to pursue nursing.
  2. by   PC Nurse
    I actually got my wife to support me for 2 years while I went back for my BSN and played football! It worked out for her though as now she can practice nursing as more of a "Hobby".

    Nilepoc - Good choice on GUH as a program. I worked there for many years and now I'm across town at WHC/WCI (all MedStar).
    The program was just starting when I was there and got great reviews. Drop a line if you need any info on the WDC area.

    To all:
    I found the best experience came not from my clinicals (learned pretty much nothing) but more from work experience. I had been a medic in the USAF and then worked in the downtown DC Emergency Rooms and Critical Care units. My goal was to be a trauma and critical care nurse and I found plenty of good RN's and MD's whom served as mentors. I was able to come out of my ADN program and move right into a CVICU and ED. The "clinical" in the BSN program was even more of a waste of time, mostly focused on home health visits which did little for a practicing ICU/ED nurse. What I found more helpful at this point was elective courses where I was introduced to Social Work and more in-depth psychology. These courses gave me the added knowledge to address my patients needs.

    The worst clinical experience though was being assigned to the St. Elizabeth's Psychiatric Hospital here in DC. It was a very "scary" place in terms of the care, patients and especially the neighborhood.
  3. by   jmunrs2010
    Thanks nilopec for the inside look at you rinterview with Georgetown. My ultimate goal is to become a CRNA and my top pick is Georgetown's program! I graduate from nusing school in May '10 and hope to start working in the DC area in a ICU unit, God willing, or at least a stepdown unit to start. I will definitely go back and retake chemistry and some advanced biology courses as you advised. Hopefully I will be a Georgetown nurse anesthesia program student by 2015 if my plans go the way I want them to.