Ideas to stay organized/sane as a SRNA

  1. Can those of you who are lcurrently living and have lived the life of SRNA provide tips to those who are hopeful in entering the ranks soon? Any ideas of how to organize the day to day, studying, participating in some of your kids activities, preparing decent meals at least once a month etc... I am very aware of the committment and challenges of becoming a CRNA but also hopeful that with your can be made as simple as possible for me and my family!

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  3. by   PTU2SLP
    The thing that I did that helped me most during school was taking 1 day off a week to spend with my wife and kids. Of course there are weeks when you can't do a whole day but you can give them the majority of a day a week. I also got up an hour earlier than normal and/or went to bed an hour later to allow me to read then, which gave me an extra hour or two with family.
  4. by   Kiwi
    Check out this thread...lots of great input/insight on SRNA oganization, sanity, good health, etc:
  5. by   Nitecap
    Stay on top of things. Of course its impossible to stay all the way on top of every course. Stay on top of your core classes and classes you may be weaker in. Do as much as possible on weekends. If you want a day off Fridays are good, because you may have class so you really only take the evening off. Plus ot helps to wind down. Weekends are to valuable to take the whole day off.

    Be happy with 6hrs of sleep, 8hrs will be tough with your family and all. Stimulants are a plus. Just make the best of the time you have. I worked nights so am far more productive later as far a reading goes. I take naps after class and hit it hard late night. May only get 4hrs of sleep at night and 2-3 in afternoon. So far its working and if it aint broke I aint fixing it. Stimulants are a plus, learn to brew and stiff pot of coffee, Redbull is pretty effective as well.

    Take vitamins and stay healthy. Be meticulous not to get sick because if you do and have to miss a week or so you will struggle to catch and keep up. Study whenever and whereever you can. Read flash cards at the mall, and your kids soccer game, on the toilet ect.

    Good luck.
  6. by   jabsmom
    Thanks for all of the great ideas!