I hope I'm not the only one!

  1. I've been debating my career choices and how much I'll be in debt. I'm considering CRNA field, and I calculated that by the time I'm done with my BSN
    and 2 years of CRNA school, I'll owe over $100K.That figure includes undergraduate.
    I am terrified. Does anyone else owe more than this or about the same?
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  3. by   duckboy20
    I will owe approx 100K when I graduate as well. Sucks, but I plan to pay it off fairly fast
  4. by   susanna
    Yeah, I'll have about that much too. But, hey, my sister who is in medical school will have over 200K (she goes to an expensive school) plus undergrad and car loans so its all relative I guess. We're definaltey not alone. Don't worry about it.