I got in! Just wanted to say thanks!!!

  1. Hi everyone. I am a long time lurker to this forum. I have been accepted to the anesthesia program at the University of Cincinnati which begins this September. I am REALLY excited, and would love to start classes tomorrow if I could. I just wanted to thank everyone for the wealth of great information provided here. It really did help me to prepare for the application and interview process. I will try to post every now and then, and not lurk as much from now on. Congrats and best wishes to everyone who got in!!!
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    CRNA to be....


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    Congrats and good luck!!
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    Congrats blue fan! Cincinnati is one of my top choices...could you please tell us a little about your interview? I have tried to find more info on Cinci but it has been difficult!

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    Congrats! May the luck of the Irish lead to happiest heights and the highway you travel be lined with green lights!
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    Congratulations!!! I hope it goes smoothly for you. I'm a KY blue fan too and loving the b-ball team right now (from what I get to see down here in ACC territory). GO CATS!!!!
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    Congratulations! I'm in KY as well..... Just wondering .... did you apply to the program in Madisonville?? How did you pick CIncy? I'm in the process of completing my BSN; and am seriously considering the CRNA route thereafter. (been a critical care nurse for 10 years -- ADN prepared) Best of luck!
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    I chose Cincy because it is closest to my home. I didn't apply anywhere else. UC makes their decision so early that I decided to put all of my efforts into getting in there before applying elsewhere. I got my BSN from UC as well, and I had talked to many of their CRNA students about the program. It was just a good fit for me. They also have great scholarship awards whch pay for most of the tuition. Many of the surgeons I have worked with have had nothing but great things to say about their grads. I'm pumped...can't wait to get started! Good luck to you. Follow your instincts..you'll find the perfect program to fit your needs! The thought of no more "code browns" is a great motivator too!!!
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    My interview was not as bad as some of those who interviewed in previous years had said it would be. I really think credentials are everything when applying to this program. I heard they had 100+ apps, and accepted 18. As far as the interview, I had to take a written test. You should know your hemodynamics, vasopressors, cardiac drugs, and basic ventilator parameters in detail. The interview was 20 minutes long, and consisted of questions like: Why do you want to be a CRNA? What qualities do you have that make you a strong candidate? They ask you to give clinical examples of advocacy etc. They go over your transcripts and GRE scores. It wasn't nearly as stressful as people warned me that it would be. If you have the credentials, and are professional in the interview, you will get in. I wish you all the luck, and hope to see you in 2004!!!!
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    The thought of no more "code browns" is a great motivator too!!!

    :roll Oh boy -- this is too funny! I don't work bedside at the moment .. I work for a gastroenterologist. I tell folks I went from cleaning up poop to talking about it!! (GROAN)
    I have heard awesome things about UC, and they will be on my potential list eventually. Are you charged out of state tuition if you live in KY??
    My personal MD did his residency at the Trover Clinic in Madisonville, and loved it -- he's already told me he'd help me out however he could. I may look at some of the schools in Tenn as well -- a lot of it depends on what's going on in my personal life at the time as well .....i.e. the opinion of my future husband will be important!
    Best of luck to you ....

    C.... A....T.....S....... GO CATS!!!

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    Thanks for the great info! Good luck with the program. I definitely hope to be there in 2004!