i got in too!!!!

  1. I received a letter this past saturday from TWU, I got in. It all seems like a dream. See you guys in August in Fort Worth.
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  3. by   alansmith52
    I am wondering if they told you a clinical site. because they havn't told me one yet.
  4. by   parklandtrauma
    They just told me clinical sites will be decided at a later date. So no help here
  5. by   arkgolfer
    Congrats! I can hardly wait. I'm sure the reality check will hit soon thereafter!
  6. by   CorpusRN
    congrats and good luck with school!!!
  7. by   Z28BLKCAM
    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Good luck and Best Wishes!!

  8. by   sandman
    Did you guys request early decision??? I was told that I wouldn't hear anything until April.
  9. by   apaphoenix
    Congrats to all you guys that got in. I'm sure you will all do well. You'll also be here just in time to break in that brand new nurse anesthesia building that they're constructing!!!! Advice : Don't worry about trying to get a head start during the summer because there will be lots of time for that in the coming months. Just enjoy your last few months of work and then maybe take a couple of weeks off before the program starts!!

    BTW - all you guys that are in, PM me when it's near start time and I can send you some helpful stuff!!!

  10. by   sandman
    I got my acceptance letter to TWU today in the mail!!!!!!!!!
    I'm so excited I can hardly type.
  11. by   arkgolfer
    Congrats sandman!!!!!!!! It's cool to be meeting some future classmates!
  12. by   CAJUNanesthesia
    Well i am very excited...i got my acceptance letter to TWU.

    However, i am concerned about clinical site assignment.
    the letter says "Your phase II clinical site will be decided at a later date"
    this concerns me...i do not want to be in california or kentucky.
    don't get me wrong i will go to afganistan if necessary!

  13. by   MTM
    I'm looking into the program at TWU; I understand that they accept 125 students for the first year, then the students branch out to the various clinical sites. Do you know how the classes are organized? How many students in a classroom? I've heard it's a great program, but I'm alarmed at the large class size...Thank you for your input....
  14. by   New CCU RN
    Congrats to all who have gotten in!!!!

    Enjoy these few months!!!!!