How do you become anesthetist technician

  1. How do you become anesthetist technician? I have seen job ads for this but didn't know much about them. Are these jobs good training for CRNAs or is it best to do the critical care nursing?
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  3. by   AL bug
    just my humble opinion, but I would say tech in a busy ICU, go to RN school and CRNA school
  4. by   lgcv
    Anesthesia techs help turn rooms over after surgery, insure that equipment needed is available and functioning etc. If you apply to a hospital that needs one, they will hire you and train you to do what needs to be done. It will not help with CRNA as it has nothing to do with the actual administration of anesthesia.
    So if you would like to become a CRNA, follow AL's advice.
  5. by   gotosleep
    Remember, you must have at least one year of critical care experience to be accepted into anesthesia school. I was hired into the ICU right after graduation because I was a nurse tech (kinda like a CNA) on that same unit. Personally, I recommend going to the ICU as soon as possible. With this nursing shortage I'm sure that it matters anymore, but I know in my area there is still a reluctance to hire new grads into the critical care enviroment.
  6. by   Notanurse
    Thanks for input. Sounds like, I should look into ICU opportunities later and gain the needed experience. Thanks again.
  7. by   smogmatt
    ...during my 1st year of nursing school I think it was good for me to get the feel of how a OR runs and see 1st hand what an CRNA/MDA does.

    but I got out of the OR and started to work as a CNA then an LPN on a Med/Surg Unit. that set the stage for me to get a Job in an ICU right out of school.

    I liked the OR better but as everyone else has said here it's the other stuff that got me into the ICU fast.

    our hospital let volunteers in the OR and be "volunteer Anesthesia techs" you could get benefits by volunteering in an OR or shadowing a CRNA for a couple days

    good luck

  8. by   smogmatt
    ....for me it was: have your CNA, BCLS, know somebody and be quick with a mop. and I guess be able to take alot of abuse from the staff (you are the lowest on the totum pole).

    good luck


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