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  1. Hey everyone. I just had the absolute worst interview experience of my life and trust me I know everyone says it is horrible. Let me kind of give you a brief summary. Walk in to the room..panel of 8 CRNA's. None of them introduce themselves. Just ask you to sit down and then they just start grilling me with why I chose to use my preceptor in ICU for a reference instead of my supervisor(explained to them that I felt like my coworkers know my skills better and have seen me work) I feel that my manager just sits in her office and makes sure that all the requirments for the unit get done. I thought I covered that questions well. But maybe schools are asking more for supervisor input then cowokers?? Plus I never told my supervisor that I wanted to go back to school. Next, I occasionally pick up shifts in the ER and they grilled me as to why I was still working in the ER and if I was going to quit ICU to go back to the ER if I didn't get accpeted this year. Anyways, that is just kind of some of the questions they asked. One of the people pulled out a hemodynamics question, but thought I nailed that down pretty good. Now here is what I thought was pretty rude and want your input on this part mainly. During my interview most of the people on the panel looked totally not interested in what I had to say. Some people were talking with each other and one guy was actually looking at something on the floor I totally felt like they had already had their minds made up as to who they were going to pick and that they gave me an interview just out of courtesy. At the same time some of then were shuffling through their papers, but I was just under the assumption that when you are evaluating some one on something this important you should be at least making eye contact with them. For people who have had interviews and been accpeted does this pretty much mean that they pretty much have decided not to accept me???? Anyways I guess I find out either way in the middle of the week and then I can just go back to life working in the ICU and plan to apply more next year. Good luck to everyone having finals and ones that are having interviews

    Tia Sophia
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  3. by   globalRN
    If the panel was so rude not even to take the time to introduce
    themselves.....I would have second thoughts about wanting to attend that particular program.
    Not to forget....the interview is a two way street....you are also evaluating your choices.
    If you had a bad feeling about that program based on the interpersonal skills of the panel...go with the gut feeling.
    Perhaps 8 on the panel is a bit much...4-5 is already plenty.
    Again, I would wonder about a program that wanted an 8 person panel....difficult to coordinate all their schedules and ...is it necessary to have so many. The poor applicants must feel ganged up upon too.
    Height of rudeness...though to have personal chitchats, rustle paper and appear disinterested.
  4. by   WntrMute2
    I have to aggree with Global, very rude and unproffessional. All of my interviews had big panels (as big as 12) but very polite and interested in general with what I had to say. Find another program to interview with next year if this doesn't work this year. BTW, I think if they want a year of ICU and that's not your cup of tea it is perfectly acceptable to go back to the ER. You seem to have done OK.
  5. by   TexasCRNA
    Tia, if you are getting treated like this for the interview, imagine how bad it will be as a student? Move on and find another school even if they accept you. There are plenty of schools out there that respect and treat students well. We all have to put our time in the trenches but there is a fine line that must be drawn and from the sound of that interview they crossed the line, at least for me anyway. Most CRNAs know that in the distance future you will be their peer and not their student and will contribute to the profession of the CRNAs.

    Hang in there, I know its discouraging but there are better places.

  6. by   London88
    i thoroughly agree with the others. The school is not doing you a favor by accepting you. You are paying for an education so you should be treated like a consumer. Regardless of how great the schools reputation is I still expect to be treated with courtesy and respect and will not settle for anything less than that. If I was accepted by a school where the panel was so rude I would respectfully decline because the interview is indicative of how the school operates. I lucked out in that I interviewed only with the director of my program, and it was a very good interview. i was told right there and then that i was accepted. I know many people interview with more than one person, but why need 10-12 people to conduct an interview?
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  7. by   2banurse
    Originally posted by London88
    If I was accepted by a school where the panel was so rude I would respectfully decline because the interview is indicative of how the school operates.
    I can only echo London88's response. I have found that when I had an interview with such negative energy around it, it was a good indication of what kind of place it would be to work in. Remember, an interview isn't just for the interviewer to learn more about you, but it is also for the interviewee to see if this is a good place to want to be.

    Wishing you the best of luck!
  8. by   New CCU RN

    I agree with the other posters as well. The interview definitely SHOULD be a two way street and this school doesn't seem to grasp that concept. How do you think they must treat their students then. If you were asked to interview.....seems to me that you make the requirements for the school..... they ought to be finding out some more about you but not ripping you apart how they did!!!!

    I don't know your situation....location of schools around, ability to move, etc....but if it all possible....I'd be running to the next school.

    Having 8 people on the panel is kinda alot...but it isnt the numbers...it is the complete lack of repect they had for you... three years from now you will be one of their colleagues...

    As far as doing ICU and perdiem ER...seems to me that you are meeting their requirements...if ICU isn't your thing....that doesnt seem to matter!

    In addition, one thing.... perhaps you may want a letter of rec from your supervisor as well as your preceptor. Your rationale behind your coworkers seeing you in action seems to be good to me, however, the school may have wanted something more I guess "official". While a preceptor is great....and can totally highlight your work in action (a great idea to have her write one) I'd just send two...one from your supervisor as well...that way you don't need to sound negative about your supervisor... "I feel that my manager just sits in her office and makes sure that all the requirments for the unit get done. " While it may be true....it kinda sounds a little negative.. and I guess I have learned to not say anythng negative about a past/present employer bc it questions your credibility. Just in my opinion.

    Anyhow, I wish you tons of luck. Keep your head up!!! They are def doing you a favor by making you see before you waste yoru time and money at their school that there are some major issues going on there.....
  9. by   Tia
    Thank you everyone for your thoughtful replies and advice. I know as nurses we are told to go with our gut instinct and I think that is what I am going to have do in this aspect. That is the only thing I really regret is not getting a letter from my supervisor otherwise I wouldn't change one thing that I said. As for moving and school in my area there is another school that I could apply to next year and my husband will be done with school next year so we can actually move wherever I get accepted. So I guess things don't look so gloomy after all

    Has anyone every had this question about what kind of certificates you hold. For example, CCCRN or anything along those line?? I am not a part of any group like that just by personal choice and I really felt like I was at a disadvantage by that. How many have taken the test and what have you benefited from it?? I am signed up to take a review class and want to know if it is worth my time. Thanks again

    Tia Sophia
  10. by   smiling_ru
    I took the ccrn exam several years ago only because it helped increase my rating on the clinical ladder. I think that some schools look favorably on it. What you get for it? A piece of paper proving that you know what you already knew. Whoopee!
  11. by   Tia
    That is how I feel about it too, but I guess if that is one of the hoops I have to jump through to get to where I want then I will be more than willing to suck it up and pay the money to earn a "higher status" I some pretty damn awesome ICU nurses that don't need the CCRN to tell them how good they are!! Take care and happy holidays:roll

    Tia Sophia
  12. by   Brenna's Dad

    I also wrote the CCRN exam about a year or so ago. Although I was planning on writing it anyway, I made sure I did so before submitting my application.

    The exam is a widely recognize credential and can do nothing but help both your career and your application.

    I have met many excellent nurses who have also resisted taking the exam. Most commonly due to fear of passing. When critical care is your profession and passion, the thought of failing makes everyone nervous.

    That said, I found the exam very straight forward and tested basic critical care knowledge. i didn't feel that the test was "tricky" in the least. I studied for the exam by reviewing a practice test book from AACN and I would recommend for you to do the same.

    Regarding the interview, you've heard it before but I'll echo everyone elses reply. That school sucks! Look elsewhere.
  13. by   Tia
    Regarding the CCRN test how much experience do you think is necessary to feel confident in sitting for the test. I have 3 years experience in ER and about 8 months in ICU. My supervisor just asked me last week if I want to start taking open hearts on a regular basis. Otherwise I feel pretty much comfortable with everything else. Can you study from the book and still do ok on the test. I pretty much have at least 8 months to get things done before I start reapplying again. I would like to have the GRE and this CCRN test done before I apply again just to help be a better candidate. I don't want to give these people a reason to not accept me again. The stress of not really knowing either way is getting to me. It is hard to let things pass you by when you know you have done the best you can and you wonder why they don't see what you see. It hurts so much worse when it is something you have dreamed about for so many months and years. Sorry getting alittle sappy..I think I just need to get some good sleep and then maybe I will feel better about things.
  14. by   Roland
    should consider posting their information here. Power is a two way street and rude people (and institutions) should suffer consequences for such behavior. Too many powerful people (and institutions) believe that they can act with impunity when dealing with those who have less power. If I were in your shoes, I would return their acceptence letter (if it came) with a note explaining that I would NEVER consider attending an institution that treated prospective students in such a manner. THEN, I would CC a copy to EVERY administrator and member of that school's board of directors. Of course such an attitude is probably why I will never get accepted to CRNA school let alone graduate. Be that as it may "bullies" must be aggressively confronted if they are to be deterred.

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