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  1. so I am well into my GRE class. I got a 1400 on the last practice one I took which was up almost 200 points since the first one. ( I am hopeful about it)
    I went through 80 of the packets I have recived in the mail over the last few months and narrowed my schools down to 37. I am dreading asking my manager to fill out 37 refrences. thats the only part that is hangging me up. I don't care about the app. cost or even if I have to go interview at several of them. I just don't know how I am going to gather the refrences. lets see. 37 X 3 = 111. so that would be 111 people I have to get to fill those things out and then follow up with them to see that they mailed them.
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  3. by   g8rlimey
    Just wondering what drives you to pick 37 schools to apply to? Why not narrow it down to your top 5 or 10---save on cost, hassle, etc...I would think 10 would be plenty. Just curious...?? :{
  4. by   alansmith52
    there are several schools of thought that go into this decison.

    A. I have to get in this fall 2003. there is no varient from this. not only do I think I can't stand staff nursing one more year but you gotta think, every year don't get in it costs you money in the long run. the cost of re-applying next year and the cost of lost income in the long run and the cost of mental strife.

    B. I am applying in a vacum ( a term used by nilepoc that describes my postion perfectly) I know no one personally that has gotten into CRNA school. I don't have any feeling for how competitive it really is. I mean I know there are a lot of applicants out there for very few slots. If I knew that most of those applicants had tattoos and gotees or pierced noses I might feel a littel better about myself ( not that a person can't be professonal with those things I just think they make for a weaker interview)

    C. belive me If I knew 100% that by applying to 10 schools would do it I would. I could pick my top 10 easily.
    the main thing that motivates me to do all this is a past experince. for my RN year I had to re-apply. I thought I would get in for sure so I did not apply to any other schools. I ended up being an alternate. that one mistake put me a year behind and all because I didn't apply to more schools. the next year I applied to 5 RN programs and got in to every one. I cant bare wasting another year on accout of not spending 30 bucks on an app. fee. if you apply to one its just as easy to apply to 30 everything is the same. same refrences, application, trascripts, gre.
    I am going to play the numbers game apply to 30 maybe get 10 interviews and maybe get accepted to 2. does that sound like worse case senario? my grades are average I ve always had to over qualify myself due to that fact. Ive always had a3.3- 3.5 every year no matter what. study or not.
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    37 schools x $30 app fee = $1110

    I'm impressed that you even have 111 people you could use as a decent work reference!

  6. by   alansmith52
    well that 111 individual refrences would be split up between about 5 or 6 people. and thats my point. it will be a nightmare. maybe if i bribe them with chocolate. or i fill them out myself and get them to sign them
  7. by   nilepoc
    Wow and I thought I was being excessive with 7 applications.

    Ok, as you know I can totally relate to your position. I have a similar GPA when you average all 220 credit hours together. I was as you quoted applying in a vacuum. I thought my GRE was not that competitive. And I had done everything I could to make myself look good on paper.

    With all of that in mind, and the experience of having gained a spot in my number one most desired program, I have this to say.

    You will go nuts trying to organize 37 applications. I have to ask, have you actually gotten the applications from all 37 schools? Have you looked at them? Most of the apps I received, (I called 20 programs) have their own recommendation form, so you cannot usually just have someone write a letter for you and copy that multiple times. Each recommendation has to be done individually. Also, some schools are very specific as to whom they want to fill out your recommendations. Some want doctors, others crna's that you have spent time with, your boss, a charge nurse, an instructor. I personally think you will have a hard time convincing some of these people to fill out this many forms.

    I personally took my seven apps, and tailored the individuals that I asked for recommendations to the schools I thought they would be best suited too. I asked no one person for more than four recommendations. Think about it this way, you want the people reviewing you to say the best things they can and you want them to be inspired enough to say those things. But around application 20, they are going to be thinking, you're a nut, and maybe not write as good of a recommendation. I was actually able to find a resident that prosected for one of the programs I applied to. I only had him do one evaluation, for the school he worked at.

    You should also think about all the work those 37 apps are going to take. Would that time be better spent gaining more knowledge. I.e. do you have PALS, or TNCC, or are you an ACLS instructor? There are much better things you could do with that time.

    What I would suggest is pick seven schools, and 6 people to get recommendations from. You should make all seven of those schools, picks that do early decision. Georgetown, where I will be going in August, picks their candidates within a week after an interview. If you send out apps as early as you can (like now, this is when I sent out mine. Some programs told me I was the first app they received.) you will look really good in their eyes, and also motivated. It shows that you are serious when you don't wait for the last minute.

    Because I followed this strategy, I interviewed in September and was accepted before the end of the month. Thus saving myself countless dollars in travel fees to go to other interviews. Also, you may be able to choose between two or more schools this way. Then if you do no get into any of your first seven or so picks, go back and apply to schools with later dates of application deadline.

    I bet you will be surprised with the results you achieve.

    BTW some applications are such a pain in the ass, you will be quite proud of yourself to have completed them at all. I did not apply to Iowa, because of their overly thorough application. One school, I can't remember which, wanted my high school transcripts. What a Joke, I am 32 for goodness sake.

    Ok, I have said too much, just keep in mind seven applications cost me about 400 dollars in transcript fees and mailing and actual fees of application. Some schools are 75 dollars a pop. So extrapolated out, you will need to spend around 2400 on your 37 apps.

    I hope this helped.

    p.s. I got seven interviews out of seven applications. Someone here once said that most schools interview every fully qualified applicant. This is something you should consider. do you really need to go to South Dakota when U. Pitt. could call you the next week? Where would you rather go? Pick your absolute favorites and pursue them.

    Good luck.

    BTW I have tattos, earings, and a tongue bar.
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  8. by   WntrMute2
    I couldn't agree with Nilepoc more. The thing that crossed my mind with those 37 applications was obsessive compulsive. Listen, I applied to 5, got accepted by 5 and interviewed at 4. Don't drive your self nuts. There will be plenty of time for that. If you're good, you'll get in!
  9. by   AL bug
    I agree with cutting the number of applications. You will not believe how annoying it is to do them. I applied to 4 schools, got 4 interviews, but only interviewed at one school. This is because of what Nilepoc said about some schools accepting earlier than others. I got my acceptance letter and sent money to the school before I got interview invitations from the other schools.
    My advice is to choose no more than 10 schools(this is a high number compared to what most people do). Most school requirements are similar, not exactly the same but similar. If you are not accepted to 1 of 10 schools, you probably need to remediate in certain areas (i.e. GPA, GRE, etc.) Good Luck!
    Hang in there Nilepoc!!!
  10. by   alansmith52
    that may hav well hit the nail on the head. I like the Idea of early selections. hmmm. well. I ve got about 2 weeks before the GRE I think after that I will be able to make some more sound decisons.
    p.s. yeah I have 80 physical applications here in my room. I 've been through every one and have called a few. but there are about 8 that I could easily say are my top.
    thanks for all the input it is valube to know how many you applied to, your gpa and how many selected you.
  11. by   SambvcaSim
    Hey Alan,

    One thing my school asked me is "what makes our program desirable to you? why do you want to come here? I wanted that program and could genuinely say "I want this program".

    Honestly, look through those 37 packets, find the programs that truely you are attracted to, and apply to those. You will be called to several interviews, and will probably not make all of them due to conflicting interviewing dates. Plus, the airfare to get to those interviews. This would be a costly endeavor!

    Don't sell yourself short! You want to look like you are a good prospect, who picked their school to continue his education. Yes, they hold the key...but, there is something to say that you picked the schools that meet your standards.

    Good luck!!
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  12. by   bubba
    Just wondering. What schools did you get in to?
  13. by   WntrMute2
    Mayo, Univ of NC (Greensboro, Georgetown and University of Detroit/Mercy. The last is where I am.

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