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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am starting the tedious process of writting my application essay. One program wants a goal statement and another program wants an autobiography/goal statement. How much personal background information on myself should I include in the essay. Also I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions to help me create a great essay.
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  3. by   Maxs
    and for like 20 hours then with yourself on what to put down. go to :zzzzz and then the next day listen to inspiring :Melody: after that pick a problem there are many problems in pick one you think you can fix and what can you do to improve the quality of the problem I guess then take it to your english for grammatical errors and then you that means your almost finished and make sure you sign whereever that needs signature and turn it in to the application lol,
    it's about you, I don't think it will help you what anyone has to say about this matter, it's personal, you should make it yourself because in the long run you'll feel good about it regarldless.

  4. by   TraumaNurse
    These are the guidelines provided by one of the schools I applied to:

    A personal statement includes the following:
    a brief description of the applicant's background, training, and experience;
    a statement indicating the career goals of the applicant and his/her reasons for seeking admission to this program;
    a description of the areas which the applicant considers to be his/her strengths and the areas in which the applicant wishes to develop greater strengths and abilities; and
    personal information the applicant wishes to share.

    Hope this helps.
  5. by   RaginCajunRN
    The school that i originally applied to wanted a personal essay and the second school wanted a goal statement, so when setting out to write your essay/goal statement you need to decide which direction your going to run with it. I wrote about a page and a half explaining my history of getting into my BSN program (b/c it was very meaningful), how i persevered through schooling and the extracurricular activities along the way. Then, I spoke of my work experience after graduating and why and when I decided that i wanted a career as a CRNA. To end my essay, I gave an updated account of my personal achievements counting towards getting into school that I have achieved since working in the ICU setting (ie. CCRN, Graduate classes taken, and advanced certification). Start by sitting down and brainstorming ideas in outline form then piece it together. I'm sure you'll do great. PM me if you have further questions... Good Luck...

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