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I have recently been accepted to University of Texas-Houston program. ANY advice or info on the UT program would be appreciated!!... Read More

  1. by   SambvcaSim
    Quote from diprivan/vented
    i don't advise going to ut-houston. i talked with the director, and he was a complete *******. he answered my questions with "go online and look for it" or "well just go ahead and apply." i know the guy's busy and gets asked the same questions over and over, but if a student introduces a potential student vis-a-vis, you would think that the director would have at least enough manners to smile and be warm. he is, afterall, representing his program, but what i got from the man was that he couldn't be bothered. another potential candidate got the same treatment. i talked with a third candidate, and she said she got treated well. so use your own discretion.
    well, i noticed this thread late. yes, our director is very blunt, and this is the reason many can not handle the program. if you want anything hard enough, no one will stand in your way. i do not know if the actions of some are intentional, but i do know that i can handle any situation or individual (arrogant physicians and resistent mdas) that come in my path. people are people (unfortunately), but we must remember...are we attending these programs to be handed our crna on a silver platter...or do we want to earn it and know that "we" personally endured and succeeded? this is a masters program, and i must delicately say that the "sensitive and weak" need not apply. i beg of you not to take this as an insult, but just a introduction to what may lie ahead. from this maybe you can decide if you have what it takes to survive a crna program.
    i hope i did not affend anyone....good luck to all!
  2. by   jbro
    i am a tcu student, and i have a lot of friends at twu, i agree that there is no tension between the two programs as a whole, but it does get aggrivating when rumors which were started by a few twu students contenually get perpetuated by the same few students, matt can't you just let it die
  3. by   feelingsleepyyet
    Im a recent graduate of TWU Nurse Anesthesia program. And I can vouche, it was a toughie. One word that no other school shares. Reinke. I took the CCNA examination in 25 minutes, answered the minimum of 90 questions and scored a perfect score of 600. In fact, there were 99 in my graduating class and of the 99, 63 made perfect scores of 600. Pretty impressive if you askme. 100% of TWU graduates are CRNAs. No one have never been able to not pass boards. The national average on the CCNA exam is 89%. What is TWUs average on the CCNA exam. A whopping 98%. Its in the numbers on boards. Lata
  4. by   SambvcaSim

    i concur with your statement and add that ut-houston has had a 100% pass rate for at least the last 6 - 8 years. i agree, it is the end numbers that tell the whole story!


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