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  1. Hi everybody today I took the GRE and I am very disappointed with the results. I scored a 500 on the quantitave and 400 on the verbal, I know that most schools require a combined score of 1000. Can anyone tell me if they have gotten in on scores such as this, my other credentials are gpa 3.8, with 1 year of icu experience. I am considering retaking the test next month, any advice is helpful.
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  3. by   jbro
    you may want to retake it, you have a good gpa, so if you can beef up that score it would help since you have the minimal amount of clinical experience as well
  4. by   Qwiigley
    Many schools are not requiring a GRE anymore. It does not tell them the entire story. It just tells them that you can take a test. I would suggest that you look for a school that does not require the GRE and quit wasting time. Get an interview now for those schools who don't require it. As long as you are really dedicated and willing to travel, I see no reason to persue such a wasteful test.
  5. by   jbro
    why would you want to limit yourself to schools that don't require the gre? that's like accepting a low score and giving up, study a little and retake it, don't limit yourself
  6. by   TexasPoodleMix
    I scored an 880 on the GRE yet got a 3.93 in grad school. It doesn't mean you won't do well. Try again, the prep books are good.
  7. by   trakstar
    Look at the GRE as an investment in the future. A decent score can only increase you chances of getting in. Even though there are schools that do not require the GRE, they may still be interested in whether or not you took it and how well you did. You can do it. I agree with previous posts just do a little prep and brush up on GRE test taking tips.
  8. by   pgreen
    thank you guys for the advice, I will retake the test
  9. by   mbrian46
    I had a GRE of 950 quan/verbal and a much lower GPA of 3.2 and got accepted to an anesthesia program, so far have a 4.0 in school. My point........the GRE does not reflect a person's success in grad school. Most schools look at the overall picture instead of just GRE/GPA scores.
  10. by   pgreen
    How many years of ICU experience did you have, I was told by the University of Penn that I was exempt from taking the GRE because of my gpa, but they recommended that I take it because of my limited amount of experience as a nurse. The director of the program said that this would make me a more competitive candidate.

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