GRE Scores

  1. What scores did you need/have to get into your program? Which school did you attend?
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    If you go to the AANA site there are links to all of the schools, most put their requirements for GRE scores on their website. If I had to give a ballpark I would say combined verbal and quantitative of 1000. (I know they changed the test, but I don't think they changed those areas if they did someone please correct me.)
  4. by   fotografe
    Thanks. I looked at the schools I am interested in (in the Boston Area) and they did not have a score listed. Wanted to know if I am in a competitive range. ANyone know if BC/NORTHEASTERN are in this 1000 minimum range? How much weight does this test hold?
  5. by   CougRN
    i have a friend who got into Northeastern with one year ICU experience and less than two years post BSN experience. She had a 1100 I think and said she was really impressed with the school. They have a test you have to take at the interview but other than that the interview went well.