1. Just a question about grades? My GPA is 3.141 in my Nursing classes. Can some people share what their grades were, just afraid my GPA is too low in this very competitive career.
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  3. by   sandman
    Keep your head up!! I just found out today that I got in......with a cum 3.0. However, I did get an 1860 on my GRE which may have helped a little.
  4. by   New CCU RN

    There is alot more about getting into CRNA school than just grades. Look through all of the posts here...esp the sticky that has been posted at the top.

    CRNA schools look at experience, grades, GRE's, science/nursing grades, certifications, the interview, etc. Your grades are not the only deciding factor.

    First of all, my suggestions for you are to contact the director of your list of schools that you intend on applying to. Ask them what you can do to make yourself an ideal candidate for admission. Take their advice to heart.

    Your GPA is still a good GPA. However, look at your science and nursing classes and decide whether you may need to take some additional science classes now to bolster your GPA. It cant hurt!!! Not to mention it will show how dedicated you are to becoming a CRNA which will only benefit you. Some ideas are upper level organic, physiology, or biochem.

    Other things that you can do are to obtain some certifications. You may already have them but if not...go get ACLS, PALS, and even your CCRN.

    I wish you luck and welcome to the board.
  5. by   New CCU RN
    BTW... sandman....CONGRATS!!!!!!
  6. by   Passin' Gas

    CCU RN gave some great advice! And anyone else reading this BB should "take to heart" her comments.

    Congratulations to Sandman!
  7. by   bjv723
    I recently got into a program with a 3.0. It just proves that there is more to the selection process than just grades. I beat out people with 3.9's. The interview, recent activities, and other certifications are all part of the picture. Be confident during your interview.