Got Interviews at TCU and Wesleyan

  1. I got interviews for both TCU and Wesleyan. I'm pretty excited but not really sure what to expect. I've brushed up on my clinical knowledge. Has any one else secured interviews? And if so, any idea on what to expect from the inteview. I heard that Wesylan is a great school and TCU will be equally great but a new program. Thanks.
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  3. by   fence
    I interviewed at TWU in December. The interview was 1 hour of clinical questions. You need to know your ABG's, vent settings and vasoactive gtts. Unless you are accepted at another school and ask for an early decision you will know nothing until May.
    I have an interview with TCU on Febuary 10th. This will be their first year having a class which you are probably aware of. I have not spoke or heard from anyone who has allready interviewed. I would really be interested in hearing of the experiences of other applicants also. Good luck with your interviews and keep us posted.
  4. by   g8rlimey
    All I have to say!!! What is the purpose behind an hour of clinical questions? Are they trying out a new version of an oral CCRN exam? ;} Sorry about the sarcasm, but an hour of clinical questions seems pretty ridiculous to me. I can understand a few questions to see how far of a hole a candidate will put themselves into regarding ICU related knowledge, but an hour puts it at the extreme end of the BS spectrum!

    Anyhow, glad to hear you made it through and good luck to you both!!
  5. by   sandman
    I too applied to TWU. They told me over the phone a little over a week ago that everything on my app was in order and that they would be sending me out a letter inviting me for an interview. When did you get your's Solo? I know it hasn't even been 2 weeks but I'm feeling a little anxious. By the way....I find out monday if I got accepted to my top choice
  6. by   fence
    I probably exagerated with the hour more like 40
  7. by   megmermaid
    My app to Wesleyan is in. They said I would get a letter regarding an interview soon. g8rlimey-what is the pic on your avitar?
  8. by   Solo
    Thanks for the information fence. Sandman...I got a call from TCU this past week. Good luck to everyone...hope all goes well.
  9. by   g8rlimey
    it is a pic of an asc. ao. aneurysm on a pt. with marfan's syndrome.
  10. by   fence
    Any interviews with TCU as of yet? Love to hear how they went. I interview this comming monday and will have a full report as soon as I get back. So cross your fingers.
  11. by   sandman
    I interview with TWU on the 18th. My app to TCU was only sent out in the mail yesterday. Best of luck Fence!!
  12. by   parklandtrauma
    i interview with tcu on the 17. with twu on the 11. both coming up quick cant wait to have them done.
  13. by   fence
    Heading for Ft Worth in the am. I interview at 0900 monday morning. I think we are going to have nasty weather so it will be an interesting 5 hour drive. Anyway I will give a full report when I return on tuesday.
  14. by   Jedav
    Best of luck to you Fence...Be Careful!...Please let us know how things go