Good News and THANKS

  1. Hey I just wanted tell everyone here I got in to my CRNA school, and also thank you I really appreciate all the help everyone is on this board. I didn't think I would get in w/ less than a year in an ICU (at the time of my interview) I will have 15 months when I start my program

    All the info and discussions here on this board has helped tremendously

    Thanks everyone!!
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  3. by   New CCU RN
    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck to ya
  4. by   arkgolfer

    Way to go Idaho!
  5. by   zzzzzgirl
    So give us the dirt...where are you headed? I too am from the Northwest and wish there were a few NW locations to choose from.

    Did you interview at many schools? Did you work ICU straight out of school and was that tough? That's what I'm looking at doing when I graduate this May! Take care,

  6. by   AL bug are in for the ride of your life!!!!
  7. by   braden74
    hey zzzgirl,

    OHSU should be opening a school soon. Keep your eyes peeled.
  8. by   TexasCRNA
    Way to go !!!!
  9. by   megmermaid
  10. by   smiling_ru
    Thats great!!!!!!
  11. by   g8rlimey
    Great job and good luck....
  12. by   ufmatt
    way to go smog! I am getting antsy waiting to hear back from schools. Hopefully I will get to start this same thread!
  13. by   SambvcaSim
    Congrats Smog!
  14. by   meandragonbrett
    Congrats smog!!!

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