Freaking out over boards..HELP

  1. I will be taking boards in just under 2 weeks. I have been studying hard..Harder than I have ever studied for anything! I am getting really nervous now that the time is approaching...I took the valley review and have been going through their study guides as they have outlined. Does anyone have any tidbits they can throw my way? Are there any other prep materials out there that I can also review or is valley enough? PLEASE, any advice, comments, etc..would be appreciated...
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  3. by   CougRN
    Personally I don't think Valley is enough. It's a nice base but doesn't cover everything. I read M&M 3 times prior to taking boards and found that to be helpful. I also used the Prodigy exams as practice. But I would say any review book that has questions would be benefitial. The questions are good practice to get used to board type questions. I studied my butt off and didn't feel totally prepared when I took my boards. But 90 questions later and a two week wait and I was a CRNA. So just keep studying and I'm sure you will be fine. Best of luck.
  4. by   sawingzzzz's
    sounds like you are working hard. All you need to do is study hard, put in time and effort. If you have 2 weeks left... keep on with what you are doing. You do not have time as of now to add much. good luck.
  5. by   DIVER CRNA
    How about another point of view: I took the boards in December!

    I studied only Valley Materials (sweat and MM X 2,) in addition i took the prodigy exams 1-5. I felt valley provided me with everything I needed. I passed in 90 questions in 55 minutes. GOOD LUCK it sounds like you have been working hard. Jeff