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I will be in fort worth from august to december at twu. I am from kansas and have no idea where to live. Any ideas or input on apt complexs or areas of town? I know that on loans I will not be... Read More

  1. by   Renee' Y-Y
    OK...I live in Ft. Worth...all of those who are going to be going to Tx is in a VERY CRAPPY part of town. If you're wanting to live close to the university, dorms probably would be best...but don't be runnin' around at night by yourself...EVER!! The good news is, you don't have to go too far from there to be in a pretty decent part of town...the bad news is with all the traffic, even a short way can take 20-30 minutes. There are tons of apartment complexes in town...too many to list. Here is an apartment locator that says they are a *free service (no definition for the *) 817-696-9995. SW Ft Worth/Hulen area is pretty nice...lots of apartments out there. Lots of students in the area with Tx Wesleyan, TCU, UTA, UNT, TCOM all in or around Ft. Worth.
  2. by   alansmith52
    yeah I stopped by the car wash by the school the other night.. bad idea. won't do that again. where I live though is very nice. its next to the osteopathic school. which has a huge library you can you use when wesleyan is closed.
  3. by   alansmith52
    not to mention the food... lol
  4. by   maggielee
    I thought I would give a little input here. I was in Ft. Worth this past week. While there I looked at the apt. situation. There are TONS of apt. buildings. I also looked into the extended stay type places. There is one in the Fossil Creek the 820 loop at N. Beach...called Budget Suites. If you get the budget package, it is $699 a month for a one bedroom. This includes electricity, water, local have a kitchen also. You can go up to a more expensive rate and add maid service, and some other ammenities. Thought you might want to consider this also.

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