Failed CRNA Boards twice and about to jump from the highest structure! Help

  1. Has anyone actually ever failed this thing all 8 times?!!!! I got a 445 last time trying to work a full time night ICU position and study at clips. I am usually a good test taker and did well didactically in school. I am trying not to lose faith, also I have heard of GRNA's doing anesthesia when they have failed even more than once. Any truth to this and are there jobs out there in desperate enough need of help to hire a guy who is in my position? I can definitely handle the job, I am chomping at the bit to "pass gas". I take the exam again in two weeks and I am confident the third time will be the charm. There are many folks who frequent this board that will recognize my sign-in name. Throw me a life line!
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  3. by   loveanesthesia
    Quit the nights ASAP, and don't retake it until you've been off at least a couple of weeks. Lack of quality sleep will impact your performance without a doubt, and this is too important to risk for a little extra money. I don't know what 'study at clips' means, but if you've done well didactically then do what has worked for you in the past. You may consider another review course to give you some structure or there are online programs that give you exams. You are limited to 4 attempts within the first 12 months following graduation, time to make this your only priority. Don't spend energy trying to find a position that will take you even though you haven't passed, stay focused, be positive and pass the test. You are very close and will get past this soon.
  4. by   RNNJ
    We all feel your pain. How did you study? Everybody swears by Valley.

    I am taking mine on May 28th. I am frankly just very scared. So much depends on me passing this exam. Like the bills that are piling up!!!

    Keep us updated with your progress. Third time WILL be the charm for you! Just believe it!!!

  5. by   marehenry
    Please do not jump JD! I know you are capable of passing this exam and doing this job. You need to clear your mind and FOCUS on this test--and only this test. Stop clouding your mind w/ the what if's and if only I...... You need to study your $$$ off and not just in "clips." This is your dream job so make this your ONLY focus. We will figure out the rest in a few weeks once you have that piece of paper in your hand that says Big Daddy, CRNA. You know I am your glass half full friend, but you also know how many hurdles I had to jump through to get to where I am today. Get hungry. Keep the faith. You want this and deserve this. Call me, luv ya!
  6. by   Chapis
    Did you pass the test?? let us know if how you did.:wink2:
  7. by   clcm13
    Hey, I too failed the boards 2 times and took it the 3rd time and passed. I didn't work and studied everyday for about 8 hrs (4 in the morning and 4 at night). Valley was good to review but helped alot was ready M&M. The bullets at the begining of each chapter really helped and when I took my boards I saw alot of questions right from the bullets. They weren't even in Valley. I also skimmed over baby miller. I felt so depressed when I saw I didn't pass but I buckled down and focused. Don't work. The last time I took the boards I stopped at 100 and passed. You can do it!!!!! Good luck!!!
  8. by   CRNA2007
    valley works very well going through the sweat book and the memory master will help tremendously. The most important thing is just try to figure out what the question is actually asking. I thought CRNA board were much easier than the AANA exam you take twice during school. (the name escapes me).
  9. by   luckycrna
    i want to clarify what exactly you meant by M&M. i will be taking boards in 2010.any others tips be helpful. thanks.
  10. by   clcm13
    M&M is Morgan and Mikhail. I really thought that book was really helpful for me..
  11. by   NurseKitten
    Hearing M&M be given such props makes me feel a lot better. We haven't been required to buy it yet for my program, but a friend about to graduate from another program lent me hers...after which I promptly bought my own! If I had studied from it before, a lot of things that DIDN'T make sense during early didactics would have.

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