Debt Load after CRNA School - page 2

What kind of debt load did you or are you going to have once you complete CRNA school? I am in the process of getting my finances in order since I have 2 little ones and would like to get an idea of... Read More

  1. by   athomas91
    at Drexel - the max we get in stafford is 28,500 - then we can get some perkins if we are lucky - but the 28,500 is entirely eaten up by tuition (per year)
  2. by   qanik
    My wife went to CRNA school a few years ago and we racked up the debt. Now with me going it is easier.

    Try looking at it like this.
    I am going to use the numbers for my school and my area
    People seem to be averaging around 50,000 for school here. Now add on to that you missed the opportunity to make as a RN around 60,000 each year. So now you have a grand total of 170,000 in the negative when you graduate.

    Regular RN $60,000 x 30 years worked. (I am not going to figure inflation or cost of living raises or other raises to either RN or CRNA figure) = $1,800,000 made over 30 years

    CRNA 130,000 x 30 years= $3,900,000 -$1,800,000( you would have made as a regualr RN) = $2,100,000.00 of extra money made for your choice to become a CRNA. Two million extra dollars. Now does your debt seem that bad!

    Regards- Qanik
  3. by   J.L.Seagal
    I was wondering if any CRNAs out there can tell me if any of them were able to pay off the debt incurred during school within the first year of employment.

    I was told this could be done, but is there a former SRNA out there who actually accomplished this????