CT Schools

  1. I am wondering if anyone is attending any of the schools in CT or have in the past. If anyone has any info on these schools and or their reputation please post it.

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  3. by   pokey sn
    I was wondering the same thing. You hardly ever hear of graduates in the Connecticut schools. If you SRNA's and alumni are out there, Please speak up!
  4. by   susanmary
    Check your PMs. Sue
  5. by   TexasCRNA
    What do you want to know?? I can tell you all about SCSU/BNAP and I know a few things about the other two in CT.

  6. by   CougRN
    I was just wondering what kind of reputation the programs have. I was interested in any info about the programs there. We seem to talk about Texas programs and FL but nothing up in the NE. So I thought i would throw it out there and see what anyone had to say.
  7. by   TexasCRNA
    Well, CT. is a small state with small programs not like the mega schools of TX or FL. I can't speak for the reputation of other two schools but at Bridgeport when you get done you know how to give anesthesia because they work your ass off in the program and you do alot of cases with very sick patients.

    You get plenty of autonomy and the call is what really makes you good because it really test your limits as a student, clinician, and a person.

    There are also some very bright MDAs that love to teach even though they have been doing it for 30 yrs. The crnas are also very supportive but they pull the umbilical cord off once you reach your late junior status because then you run your own room and answer to the docs.

    The program is a killer but you are done in 24 months but it feels like 5 years. You will be fried!!!

    I would recommend it if you are driven, mature and not scared to work hard.

  8. by   CougRN
    Sounds pretty intense. Thanks for the input. I realize CT is a small state but they have 3 programs. Go figure.
  9. by   xantha31669

    I live in Ct and I knew about Bridgeport, where are the other two programs?

  10. by   CougRN
    The other two programs are also hospital based programs. the didactic portion is at CCSU and then the hospital portion is in either New Britian or New Haven. I think there is also a RI hospital based program that sends their students to CCSU.
  11. by   TexasCRNA
    You have St. Rhaphael and New Britian they are front loaded in that you take classes for a full year before ever stepping into the OR the upside of that is you can work while going to classes thus allowing you some type of income.

    From friends in the other programs I know, state that New Britian is probably the most laid back, and I think the least expensive out of the three.

    As far as pay in the NE after school, it sucks compared to other places in the US unless they buy out your loans which is what Bridgeport will do--work 13 months after school and your 30k is forgiven. If you decide not to stay then they will let you pay them back over 2 yrs interest free.

    Any way there it is, Lee
  12. by   CougRN
    thanks for your input lee.