CRNA's in the ICU

  1. How often do you as CRNA's get to the Intensive Care unit? all the RN's out there: how often do you see CRNA's in your ICU? Just wondering, at the ICU I am at I have never seen one. The MDA bring all the CABG's back, the intensivist does all the intubations, and the Surgeons do all the lines.

    Just wondering if this was the standard or the exception

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  3. by   g8rlimey
    At the last 3 (all teaching) hospitals I have worked at, I have really only seen the CRNA's in PACU, angio, specials, and occasional post-op in the ICU (dropping off fem-pops, cea's). Never had CRNA drop off CABG or head case.
    Mainly due to limited scope of practice at the hosp., limited # of CRNAs on staff, and low yearly salary.
  4. by   CougRN
    At the hospitals I used to work at in the NW CRNA's would be in the ICU daily. They would do rounds and would be available for procedures in the ICU.

    At my current hospital, Level I teaching, they don't even employ CRNA's, except in L&D.
  5. by   TraumaNurse
    The only time I have seen CRNAs in the ICUs I have worked in (Other than bringing patients to the unit from OR) is for stat intubations and airway management. Most places that I know of do not allow CRNAs to cover ICU.
  6. by   kmchugh
    Where I work now, my time in the ICU is mostly limited to tranporting open heart patients from the OR to there. However, in one month, I am moving to a small, rural hospital. I have already been told that I will spend more time in the ICU there, doing the vent stuff, art lines, etc.

    Kevin McHugh
  7. by   Z28BLKCAM
    In the hospital where I work, the CRNA's Emergently intubate patients who cannot manage there Airway whether if the patient is in the ICU, or on the regular floor they have full acess to the difficult intubation cart but if they know if its going to be a difficult intubation they may call the surgical resident on call for more backup just in case the patient needs a surgical airway made i.e., crico-thyroid, etc.... They are also part of the Trauma, AMI, stroke, and the Code 500 team. They also do ECT's in the PACU area. But the other hospital where I work, the CRNA's does cases, they put in there own lines(TLC, A-line's, PA's) and actually follows the patient either to the recovery room or the ICU depending on the patient. All of the CRNA's are well trained in both hospitals but I guess depending what hospital you work in they are limited to what they can do.

  8. by   alansmith52
    huge hosp in ft worth,, 650 beds. trauama 2 which is the highest you can be here without being a teaching hosp. CRNA's do all the emergent intubations ICU and what have you. I have also seen them deliver pt's to ICU a few times. Crani's no hearts here. in the Neuro ICU.
  9. by   meandragonbrett
    Our CRNAs take hearts and heads to SICU\CVICU. They are also on the trauma team and the harvey team.
  10. by   Reg911
    Our CRNA's come back after every surgery, helping bring the pt back, and then they make sure they are stable before they leave.
  11. by   yodakelly
    In my current and last job (both university teaching hospitals), CRNA's deliver post op patients after CABG, sometimes with an MDA as well for stickier cases. They also are around for intubations from time to time.
  12. by   Geeg
    Where I used to work CRNA's brought the hearts back along with the anesth attending. They would also respond to in house codes. They were never uses to do ICU chores, the NP's did that.
  13. by   jewelcutt
    Where I work in a large Trauma 1 hospital, the CRNA's bring back the hearts along with an MDA and any other case that comes straight from the OR bypassing the PACU. Also we give report to them when taking patients back to the OR for any reason, and get report from them. Our residents put in all lines and intubations

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