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  1. Hello. I'm only in my second semester of CRNA school but I have a question about CRNA jobs in Colorado. My husband and I are going to move to Colorado after I graduate (we've lived in Texas way too long!!:wink2, but I have NO idea what the market is like up there. When I applied for CRNA school, I interviewed at a hospital in Denver and was told that the market is pretty saturated with CRNAs already. Also, if anyone has any advice on good places to work or good groups to work with, I would love to hear your opinion. I'm very interested in the Denver area, but I love Colorado so much, we're willing to move anywhere in the state. THanks! Robins RN
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    Don't know a whole lot about the market there. I did shadow though in Denver before starting school. From talking to my CRNA that I shadowed and a couple that actually gave me anesthesia- the market is pretty saturated but there are still jobs. I worked at Denver Health (the county hospital) and the CRNA's loved it there. That hospital is in downtown Denver. I also know a girl who moved up to Breck and works at a Surgicenter- she loves living in the mountains. Unfortunatley (in my opinion anyway) Denver has a lot of Health One hospitals and I have heard that the group pays very well but the conditions, hours, benefits aren't so great (that is just what I have heard- no experience with it). Another CRNA that did my teeth, said there is plenty of locums and independent work and you can make as much as you want and work as much as you want.
    Denver is definitely the place where everything happens in CO and it is a GREAT city. I loved it. CO Springs is also a very nice city as well.
    There is also a newer hospital in Loveland (45 mins) north of Denver that is close to Ft. Collins which a lot of people like that city as well and Loveland is very cute town about 20 mins away from Estes/ Rocky Mtn National Park.
    Good luck
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    i worked at Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville (between Denver and Boulder). Nice community hospital - very small and no trauma. Might be best to work in a bigger place after school but will say the CRNAs had a lot of autonomy. Hardly ever saw the MDAs. CRNAs did all of the epidurals. Not sure if they are in a group but it'd be a good place to go after you get some experience.
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    Hello! Just curious how the Denver thing worked out for you. I'm graduating from CRNA school in may 2012 and really want to move there.
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    Denver is a tough market. Texas has a lot of job oppertunities as does the midwest and east. There are jobs here but they are few and far between. Colorado is a VERY MDA ran state and with most groups you do not get the autonomy you would in other places. Colorado did just opt-out, however the opt-out does not include city/metro areas and the MDAs have filed a lawsuit against it. Hope you can find something. Best of luck to you in your search.