CRNA Writing Requirements

  1. Can anyone tell me the average number and length of writing assignments required for the CRNA program?

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  3. by   nilepoc
    It varies by program. The one I am in requires a great deal of writing. Currently my research partners and I are on our 60th page of our research project, with two chapters left to write. In addition to this project, I have probably written over 10 papers of various lengths. Graduate school requires a huge amount of work.

    You would need to contact each program and inquire about the writing requirements for their program. You are asking a kind of odd question and as such, do not be offended if th programs you contact question your motives.
  4. by   CRNAsoon
    Anybody attending a program that does not require a master thesis? I have already had two research classes and a statistics course in undergrad, and can see the significance of being knowledgeable consumers of research. However, I do not have any current desire to "go forth and research".
  5. by   CRNAsoon
    Since no one has responded, am I to assume that all CRNA schools require research?
  6. by   Athlein1
    My program confers the MSN degree. A graduate-level research class is a core requirement, and there are a number of scholarly papers and lengthy writing assignments. Some programs require a thesis. Short answer - yes, there is a lot of writing.
  7. by   kklownluv

    what school are you going to know in Oklahoma. I am currently in Oklahoma working on my BSN and will have to either go to Texas or Kansas to a CRNA program. Just curious.
  8. by   chicoborja
    I live in Wichita where the CRNA program for Newman is. I don't go there but if you want to know about the Wichita area in regards to living here lemme know. There's also a CRNA program at KU.