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    I'll be finished with my BSN in a month and my last class involves writing a position paper. Since CRNA is my eventual goal I decided to write about acceptance of the CRNA vs. MD. I know there have been posts about this topic but I can't seem to find it. So if any of you have any input about this topic (pros and cons) that would be wonderful.

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    Aren't most of those studentdoc discussions emotional, personal and often hostile? I'm not sure that is the best source for an objective look at the issue.

    I know has good descriptions of CRNA practice. I'm sure the ASA website has similar position statements. I think those would be more helpful to you.

    Watchful Care by Bankert is a great source on the history of the evolution of nurse anesthesia practice. It is a book, but selected readings out of it would be useful, if this is a paper of any length and/or substance.

    Advanced practice nursing, an integrated approach, by Ann Hamric is a great textbook that probably covers this.

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