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  1. Just curious about how selection boards for CRNA schools make their decisions on how people get into programs...

    I am an RN who works ER/ICU/CVICU and have about 5 years of experience. I tend to be a strong nurse, and I think I can handle CRNA school. I am finishing up my bachelors now and will apply to a couple of programs. My ADN GPA was 3.23, but since I have returned to school it has been 4.0 for the last 30 credits. I think that I can handle it academicly, because I am a sponge and I suck up logical information.

    I am curious if there is anyone out there that has recently been through a selection board for CRNA school, that could point out a couple of tid-bits that might help me out with the selection process.

    I would like to start next year, and want to be fully prepared to be a schools best canidate....


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  3. by   tuxedo_1
    Most of the time, the GRE and essay hold a lot of weight. And, the schools only can pick students based on who applies, so depending on the quality of the pool of applicants, the admissions details can be different. This can mean that if your GRE is high and essay is strong, your GPA may not mean as much. But, if everyone else is the same as you, but better GPA, then they would probably be accepted first.
  4. by   Skip219
    I think schools are looking for goal oriented nurses. Individuals who have proven themselves academically and clinically. It is important to demonstrate adaptability and plan for your academic success. These points can be expressed in your essay. The school where I am attending didn't require the GRE. Good luck.
  5. by   markuskristian
    According to a couple of CRNAs I have met with, they said that the interview is the make or break point.
  6. by   Skip219
    Yes,it's true about the interview. I think they interview 75-100 of the best applicants for 30 seats (it may have changed).
  7. by   My_brain_hurts
    Quote from markuskristian
    According to a couple of CRNAs I have met with, they said that the interview is the make or break point.
    Man, if that is true, I'm STILL trying to figure out how I got accepted :spin: Mine was unremarkable both places; one turned me down, one said yes. I guess my essay was strong. . . it was honest, if nothing else. Had a decent GRE (1200), nursing experience at time of interview about 18months in a medical ICU, and a previous BS degree. I guess the interview is so important because they want to know if you will "fit" with their program. And just because you many not "fit" with a particulare program doesn't mean you aren't qualified, maybe just haven't found the right school for you. I actually got into the school that I thought I wouldn't have a snow ball's chance in (because it was the "more well known" of the two). . . I guess my 'glutton for punishment' side shown through in all it's glory. Nice.

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