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  1. can anyone help me find a list that ranks crna programs across the country? i have tried us news & world report and aana, no luck.

    any advice would be appreciated. thanks!
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  3. by   nilepoc
    Try as I might, I could not find a list either.

    The only thing I could find was lists of nursing schools over all.

    I did not however find any that specify anesthetist programs.
  4. by   moni rn
    thanks! i appreciate your effort!

    university of tn - memphis says it was named in the top 5 nurse anesthesist programs in the country. just curious to see that list before i make my decision on a school. i am not adverse to moving, but why move when you have one of the top programs in the country in your city.

    thank you, again!
  5. by   jessiepilot
    Hey guys,
    Check this website, it lists all accredited CRNA programs:
  6. by   nilepoc
    Thanks Jessie, but she and I are actually after a list that ranks the schools on quality of education. That is one list no one has found. In fact if you read the AANA website, they actively discourage such rankings, prefering to have all of there accredited programs stand alone. I guess on the theory that if you are accredited, you are a good program.

    I think that this rings hollow though, as in my quest to find the right school, I have found a great deal of variety in the offerings of each program.

    Some only have one suite of OR's where you do all of your clinicals.

    Others barely present any regional material at all.

    A great deal of the programs out thee are in direct competition with MD based anesthesia residencies. This can be a good thing and can be a terrible thing.

    One school I considered applying to required the accepted student to aquire three state licenses for the clinicals which are spread over three states.

    I think that this kind of thing should be easily availible for all prospective students. Maybe it would be to subjective to rank schools based on these and other descriptions of programs, but I think it would help prospective students a great deal.
  7. by   Rhon1991
    I heard that Virginia Commonwealth University's program was named in the top 10 and that one of the main reasons was that they have a simulator in the OR. I dont know the proper term for it but it is something like a dummy/robot that crashes and responds to interventions.
  8. by   BRobison
    Perhaps one reason you are not finding a ranking is that different schools/programs will appeal to different people for different reasons. Some people want to do trauma anesthesia, some people are happy with the "bread and butter" cases....I'd say you're better off "ranking" them based on your own interests and their description of the type of training they offer.
  9. by   Othcakotcha
    About two years ago, US News and World Report released a ranking of CRNA programs. Thought I had a copy but when I looked, no joy! I do remember Virginia Commonwealth University being ranked high as Rhon1991 points out. The simulator is called "Sammy" and apparently is one of the best in the country. The professors/staff are also highly acclaimed and they have clinical rotations with at least a dozen hospitals. VCU's program is highly respected and as such has applications numbering in the hundreds (some years over 200) each year. This years class has 25 students. Very tough acceptance odds to say the least!
  10. by   SambvcaSim

    The best I could find was the following:

    I was able to find the 1998 & 2000 US News Report graduate school listings a while back. I saved it under my "favorites", but the site is no longer accessible. It seems that they require payment for the articles (even the ones in their archive)!

    I would check out a library net site for these articles, or go to your library to look them up. The library sites on the web may charge you!

    Sorry, I tried for ya!

  11. by   ma kettle
    Here is a thought. I saw this article that you are reffering to. However, keep in mind all schools were not considered. Please keep your mind open for the smaller schools. For example, I found out in one of my interviews that University of Pittsburgh was up there in these rankings, the smaller schools were not even considered. The criteria for the selection was not stated. St. Francis and Westmoreland are both here in the Pittsburgh region. To my knowledge they were not even considered. But don't

    sell them short. One is directed by a person that is/or was secretary to the AANA. And the other director I understand travels the country doing review courses for the CRNA exam. He knows his stuff inside and out. I understand that there are were perfect scores on these exams, impressive?
    Now don't get me wrong University of Pittsburgh works hard at there achievements, and may be deserving of the ranking, just don't
    overlook a possible good / respectable program.

    CHeers to all
  12. by   braden74
    I used to have the last ranking done by USNews but I can't find it either. I do remember that Rush was #1 and that U of Pitt and U of Tenn were in the top five. So that is three of the five.
  13. by   futuregaspasser
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  14. by   Kiwi
    This is from US news/report. Keep in mind that many factors determine these ratings. If I were you, I'd only take these ratings at face value and see which school "fits" you on an individual level.

    1. Virginia Commonwealth University 4.0
    2. U.S. Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia
    Nursing (TX) 3.8
    3. Navy Nurse Corps (MD) 3.7
    Rush University (IL) 3.7
    5. Albany Medical College (NY) 3.6
    6. Duke University (NC) 3.5
    Oakland University--Beaumont (MI) 3.5
    University of Pittsburgh 3.5
    University of Texas Health Science
    Center--Houston 3.5
    10. Baylor College of Medicine (TX) 3.4
    Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Case Western
    Reserve Univ. 3.4
    Georgetown University (DC) 3.4
    Kaiser Permanente School of
    Anesthesia/Calif. State U.--Fullerton 3.4
    Samuel Merritt College (CA) 3.4
    University at Buffalo (NY) 3.4
    University of Cincinnati 3.4
    Wake Forest Univ./Univ. of North
    Carolina--Greensboro 3.4
    18. Case Western Reserve University (OH) 3.3
    Medical College of Georgia 3.3
    Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia/U. of
    N.C.--Greensboro 3.3
    Sacred Heart Medical Center/Gonzaga
    University (WA) 3.3
    University of Michigan--Flint/Hurley
    Medical Center 3.3
    Wayne State University (MI) 3.3
    Westmoreland-Latrobe Hospitals/LaRoche
    College (PA) 3.3
    25. Columbia University (NY) 3.2
    Medical University of South Carolina 3.2
    University of Detroit Mercy 3.2
    University of Iowa 3.2
    University of Kansas 3.2
    30. Mayo School of Health Sciences (MN) 3.1
    Northeastern University/New England Medical
    Center (MA) 3.1
    Uniformed Services University of the Health
    Sciences (MD) 3.1
    University of Alabama--Birmingham 3.1
    University of Tennessee Health Science
    Center 3.1
    University of Tennessee--Knoxville 3.1
    36. Bryan LGH Medical Center/University of
    Kansas 3.0
    Decatur Memorial Hospital/Bradley
    University (IL) 3.0
    Henry Ford Hospital/University of Detroit
    Mercy 3.0
    Minneapolis School of Anesthesia 3.0
    Mount Marty College (SD) 3.0
    Trover Foundation/Murray State University
    (KY) 3.0
    University of Akron (OH) 3.0
    University of Southern California 3.0
    44. Carolinas Health Care System /U. of North
    Carolina--Charlotte 2.9
    Evanston Northwestern Healthcare/DePaul
    University (IL) 2.9
    University of North Dakota 2.9
    47. Charleston Area Medical Center (WV) 2.8
    Drexel University (PA) 2.8
    Minneapolis VA School of Anesthesia 2.8
    Pennsylvania Hospital 2.8
    U. of South Carolina/Palmetto Richland
    Memorial Hospital 2.8
    University of New England (ME) 2.8
    53. Allegheny Valley Hospital/La Roche
    College (PA) 2.7
    Franciscan Skemp Healthcare School of
    Anesthesia (WI) 2.7
    Hamot Medical Center/Gannon University (PA)
    Montgomery Hospital (PA) 2.7
    Newman University (KS) 2.7
    Old Dominion University (VA) 2.7
    Truman Medical Center (MO) 2.7
    University of
    Tennessee--Chattanooga/Erlanger Health System 2.7
    61. Lankenau Hospital (PA) 2.6
    Southern Illinois University--Edwardsville
    St. Mary's U. of Minnesota/Abbott
    Northwestern Hospital 2.6
    Texas Wesleyan University 2.6
    Webster University (MO) 2.6
    Wyoming Valley Health Care
    System/University of Scranton (PA) 2.6
    67. Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia
    Nazareth Hospital (PA) 2.5
    New Britain School of Nurse Anesthesia (CT)
    St. Joseph Hospital (RI) 2.5

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