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can anyone help me find a list that ranks crna programs across the country? i have tried us news & world report and aana, no luck. any advice would be appreciated. thanks!... Read More

  1. by   CougRN
    for those of you worrying about where your school ranks, don't. while these rankings are known it won't effect your job placement. some of the lower schools have 100% pass rate on boards. find a school that works for you. graduating and passing the boards should be your only concern. you will find a job not matter what school you went too. best of luck to all those who aspire to become CRNA's.
  2. by   trekrRN
    I too had a difficult time finding the US N&WR article on the web, and it appears that they want you to buy it. I did go down to my local university library and found it. At first I thought I would put a lot of weight in my choice of schools based on the "rankings", but from what I remember about how the data was collected, I was not impressed. I seem to remember that the only way that CRNA schools were ranked was by "peer evaluations".

    As a few have said before here, your best bet is to decide based on what you want to accomplish, what experiences in anesthesia you would like, where you want to live, etc. Many schools would be happy to put you in contact with former students for their opinions and thoughts.
  3. by   jrvb
    Personally I think those rankings are full of @*%$!

    As long as your program is open for business it doesn't matter.
    Be happy you got accepted, read until your eyes fall out,
    got to clinical and you'll be fine.
  4. by   Luckygirl3
    You can find a list of crna school rankings at Nurse Anesthetist Schools by Rank. It also gives you a brief summary of each school, which is also helpful.

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