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I have been asked advise by MDA how to handle a CRNA accused recently of groping a lightly sedated patient's breasts. The same accusation happened ten years ago but the charges were deemed... Read More

  1. by   rn29306
    I've heard that sub-induction doses of propofol, and esp during MAC cases, produces very intense and vivid dreams, and have had patients even go so far as to describe these dreams as "warm". I would imagine that this occurrence, and the stimulation by the colonoscopy itself could very much produce what must seem like sexual stimulation. You never know what sexual preferences a patient likes or has taken part of in the past and I'm sure that would influence the perception of the procedure. I am honestly saying this without being sarcastic or derogatory at all.
    We sleep peds cancer patients for intrathecal methotrexate (sp?) with propofol under VERY heavy MAC and most of these peds actually look forward to the propofol and are excited about it due to the dreams they have during the sedation.
    So who knows?
  2. by   Kiwi
    this has turned out to be a very interesting thread.