1. I'm interested in the role of the CRNA during code situations. Does the CRNA order and administer anti-arrhythmics, defibrillate, etc... or does the surgeon "call" the code? What about when the CRNA responds to codes outside the OR?

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  3. by   skipaway
    During a code in the OR, my responsibility is for ventilation and administration of code drugs and other IV access. The surgeon, in my venue, usually directs and defibrilates but I give suggestions too. The surgical tech usually stays sterile while the circulator does compressions. Of course, there are alot of others who respond to the code too and they have other duties.

    Codes on the floor: My responsibility is usually just intubation. After that, RT takes over. If they have trouble getting IV access, we do that too and then we go back to the OR.
  4. by   RN1989
    CRNA in OR takes care of airway and meds. Have never had one that responded to a code outside of OR. That is usually RT and/or ER doc that takes care of airway, unless there is problem intubating.
  5. by   Biotechnology
    In my hospital the CRNA answers the codes as well as residents, RT, and anyone else available for the patient....... In all honestly, I guess that depends on if you are at a teaching hospital or not....Mine is a teaching hospital......
  6. by   jemommyRN
    Where I work, CRNA responds to codes on the floor, BUT only do intubation, and as someone mentioned before, if there is a problem accessing a line.