Class Questions

  1. I'm interested in the sizes of the different schools' classes and also when different schools start their clinicals? I think this information may help some decide where to apply.

    Wayne State - 15 students, clinicals start 1st semester.
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  3. by   apaphoenix
    Texas Wesleyan - 120 students (in the beginning)
    1st full year all didactics, 2nd year (and 3 months) all clinicals

  4. by   gotosleep
    Bradley University/Decatur Memorial Hospital(IL)-15 Students

    Program length - 33 months

    First year all didactic as well. Last 2 years all anesthesia
  5. by   nilepoc
    Georgetown University

    27 month program.

    40 students (16 of those Navy) (there is talk of expandingthe number of civillians)

    24 civilians start Clinicals in August after three semesters of didactics.
    Clinicals last 15 months civillians
    17 months for Navy (they do theirs in other states)
  6. by   London88

    Not sure of class size, but it is less than 20. Clinicals begin in 1st semester. 27 months with a part-time option.
  7. by   blazeboy97
    Medical College of Georgia:

    Now admitting 16 students,
    didactic first two semesters,
    clinicals last five semesters.
  8. by   ShadowKnight
    Minneapolis School of Anesthesia. 27 month program, 30 students, clinicals start the third month after you start.
  9. by   Brenna's Dad
    Gonzaga University, Spokne, WA.

    7 students, 28 month long program, intergrated program. Clinicals start in 3rd month.
  10. by   smogmatt
    Albany Medical College
    15 students,
    26 months,
    clinicals 6months after start (sept, 02, 2003)
  11. by   smiling_ru
    Newman University
    11 students this year
    24 months, clinicals start 2nd semester
    Can do all lines/blocks etc.,
    Resident competition not a problem
  12. by   SambvcaSim
    UT-Houston: accepted 20 this year. 16 months of didactics, 16 months clinical rotations. Clinical does not start til completion of didactic portion.
  13. by   Southernboy
    Southwest Missouri School of Anesthesia
    5 students Fall Semester, 5 students Spring Semester
    30 month program - clinical begins after first semester
    All clinicals are done at St. Johns Medical center - 866 bed level I trauma center.
    No anesthesia or surgical residents.
  14. by   Qwiigley
    Kaiser School of Anesthesia; Cal State Fullerton
    This year 30 students, (Next year 35)
    17 clinical sites, no MD competition.
    24 month program.
    4.5 months classroom 5 days week
    then 2 days classroom and 3 clinical days for 6 months...
    then 4 clinical days and one classroom day for the rest of the time.
    (clinical days are between 9-16 hour days, though)