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Does anyone know why there are only 3 CRNA programs in the entire state of California. I would really think they would have more...... Read More

  1. by   Qwiigley
    Quote from lmdscd
    Kaiser is not CRNA friendly in my opinion thats why so many openings.
    That is incorrect. Kaiser is so CRNA friendly that they are the biggest sponsor of Cal State Fullerton's CRNA program. They provide all their sites (including Hawaii), all of the office space and PAY for the salaries of their instructors.
    You do not know what you are talking about.
    Kaiser is not hiring in California because we have a state wide hiring freeze. They are trying not to have to lay anyone off. Sadly to say, Northern Cali has begun lay offs and So Cal is working on attrition. Goal of 1,000 employees across the board in So Cal.
  2. by   Qwiigley
    Quote from catcolalex
    cali will never opt out, but it employs tons of crna's, fresno has a giant all crna group.
    Be careful what you are saying about never....
  3. by   Qwiigley
    Quote from CRNABH2b
    Are there any CRNA's at UCLA or Cedar's Sinai and which facilities offer tuition reimbursement?
    UCLA has CRNAs, but their new grads that they hired this year just got down graded to ICU nurses with the promise of re-hiring them as CRNAs when the economy is better. Cedars does not have CRNAs at this time. CHLA now uses CRNAs but only in the Surgery Center. They have a lot of residents, and they get the good cases. But nice place to work. Very respectful of everyone.

    Tuition reimbursement; Navy Reserve. $30,000 last time I checked, but remember, we are at war.
  4. by   CaliWai
    I was just reading this post, and found it interesting to see different perspectives... I am thinking of going to CRNA school and live in San Diego... which is the closest one to me? UCLA, USC? Will the job market for CRNA's improve or decline in the next 5 years? I've lived in different states before, but California is home... this is where I want to practice. Any advice to a new nurse looking into applying into CRNA school in the future? Thanks in advance!!!
  5. by   Qwiigley
    UCLA does not currently have a nurse anesthesia school. They do however use CRNAs.
    USC and Cal State Fullerton/Kaiser have very good programs.
    Texas Weslyan uses some clinical sites in So Cal.
    Check out those schools. See the SRNA section on this site for more information.