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I've got a question for everybody, I am heading off for a CRNA program. I would like to buy a new laptop. I have one now, but its 4 years old, big and heavy. What would you all suggest, I... Read More

  1. by   smogmatt
    Limewire eh?? is it very fast??? I am still fond of the old Napster days when songs were plentiful and quick to download.... Yoga do you use a palm?? do you have any compatibility issues w/ it??

    I have been looking around it seems is the cheapest place to buy, I think you guys have made a mac lover out of me..

  2. by   yoga crna
    Limewire is very fast and I use it frequently. I pay for the upgraded service. I also use a palm pilot and find it is compatible with my MAC. I don't use it as much as I thought I would or as much as many of my colleagues do.
  3. by   Mimi2RN
    I have an iBook, don't use it for work, though. We have Airport at home, with DSL. I can sit in my recliner, not plugged into anything, while I'm online. It also travels with me, can pick up my emails almost anywhere. It's very my Mac!!!Next step is a palm pilot...or maybe Visor.
  4. by   lpnga
    I have a DELL LATITUDE and I am only in nursing school but one day I will be a CRNA..... I love my computer it has a CD/DVD/CD Burner, also it has Microsoft office tools, microsoft access, excel, powerpoint, microsoft outlook, publisher, and microsoft word......It has everything I need and then I can come home and hook it to my printer and print night I power up my battery and I am good to go allday ...a few times i have turned on my voice recorder and taped the teacher and played on it in class....(don't tell...ha ha) but I really love my computer. It also has Windows XP so i have pictures and movie maker on my computer which is good if you have a digital camera....good luck..let us know
  5. by   HotQban
    Hello everyone. I start crna schoo;l in January @ Barry University. I have a new powerbook G4. Are the programs they use in school apple compatible?
    I also have the 35 GB ipod. How good it's the mic Belkin sells for lecture recordings. is it practical to use it or buy a regular recorder. Any ideas what is the best all- in- one printer.

    Quote from nilepoc
    Compatibility issues with PC's and Apples are a myth.

    I have used an iBook the entire time I have been in my program. The battery outlasts the other PC's in class, by one to two hours. I have better wireless compatibility. I have more options in a smaller package. I have a smaller form factor for more features.

    I have run my laptop for 23 days straight without it crashing(I.e. I did not turn it off, or reboot it in that time). When I close the lid, it goes immediately to sleep, and when I open it, it wakes up immediately. I can burn disks of the power points while in class, and distribute them to whoever wants them, after recording the lectures on the built in mic. Don't type while doing this though, but i do have an external mic.

    With Office X, I have had less compatibillity issues, than the rest of the class, and they are on PC's. I carry my computer with me everywhere, and use it all the time. My friend with a Dell, won't carry his, because it is too heavy, plus his battery won't even last through a two hour lecture.

    Another thing to think about, Mac's typically hold half of their value, at two years. Lets see a PC do that.

    I am very biased, and love my Mac. I can say however that it is better than any PC I have ever owned, and I just got rid of three PC's less than a year ago.

    People in my class, are so impressed with the apple computers, my friend and i use everyday, that three of them have switched, and two more are considering it.

    If you are worried about the complexity of learning an new OS, don't be. OS X is easier to learn than any of the M$ crap out there.

    If you have more questions, post them here, and I will try and answer them.

  6. by   Ross1
    I purchased an Apple Powerbook G4 (12 inch) in Feb. 2003 and am very pleased. It was my first Apple product. I purchased it mainly because I was looking for a smaller laptop that was very thin, lightweight, and had an "all-in-one" design. Many of the PC lightweight laptops have a separate docking station for your CD Rom-DVD drive. I have not experienced any significant combatibility issues. Macs today are much more compatible with PCs plus Microsoft office (word, powerpoint, excel) is now available for Mac. I have it on my computer and haven't any issues transfering/downloading word files, PP files etc. BUT....that is all that I've tried so maybe there are things that I don't know about that won't work.

    The one area where I do occasionally experience a problem that is easily fixed has to to with web surfing. I have both Microsoft Internet Exporer (for Mac) loaded onto my computer as well as the Apple Safari web browser. I prefer Safari (and am using it now) but occasionally there are website that are not compatible with Safari. When that occurs, I just use Microsoft I.E.

    Also, I have to problems whatsoever taking my laptop to campus and accessing our network via wireless. I'm taking one online distance class right now with no problems.
  7. by   HawaiiRN

    I , too, purchased a 12inch Powerbook and 20gb ipod this year and absolutely love my powerbook. I also purchased the voice recorder for the ipod and had been using it for my current organic chemistry course. It worked fine for awhile but now has recording problems (ie says it's recording but after about 2 min it stops recording and doesn't show the recorded info). I have tried several things including deleting previous recordings, etc to no avail. I would recommend a separate recorder.
  8. by   HotQban
    Thank you all , for the reply. I love my mac , and so far I havent had any problem with it. Safari web surfing is fast and I have wireless at home. I also have office for mac. I'm taking an online review class at barry and so far I have been able to open blackboard, and the windows based university email without a glitch. My next task is to buy a good/ fast printer and a PDA.

    take care