BSN??since ADN grades with C in nursing?

  1. I would like to hear any advice from anyone of you.
    Since I started ADN, I got a C in nursing class, but the rest of the pre-req classes I did well (As mostly with few Bs). C in my nursing program means "2.0", so obviously this C dragged my GPA down a lot. I have a MS degree, at first I thought of going for MSN after few years of working as RN, but now, it seems to me that I have to go for BSN (while working as RN) to increase my chances to get into the MSN. What is your advice for my situation? Do I still have hope to apply the CRNA program since I have C in my nursing class? Need your most honest reply. Thanks.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Right now the CRNA programs are getting tighter and tighter to get into. If you would have had a few C's if you got your RN many years ago you would stand a better chance. More students are wanting to go into anesthesia now and earlier, so unless you can really turn your grades around, your competiton is going to be too much. You still have the chance to do that.
    It all depends on how much you are willing to push yourself and how determined you are. Where there is a will, there is a way. But only you can help yourself.

    Good luck.....................
  4. by   CougRN
    One C in a nursing theory class won't keep you out of competition for CRNA school.
  5. by   jebain
    I agree that the competition is tough, but you need to find out what schools you want to apply to. Some schools don't factor in ADN or prereq. grades. Some only look at your BSN grades, some look at BSN grades plus science, math, & statistics grades. It all depends. I am not sure what they do with someone with your degrees, but I would contact each school I wanted to apply to and find out. Do all you can to make yourself more competitive by their standards, but don't get into overdoing without knowing exactly what they are looking for. You can waste time & money.I do know most of the schools I looked into were far more concerned with recent grades/achievements & work experience. A "C" average in the ADN program will not keep you from getting in. Good Luck!!!
  6. by   JuneRN
    Thanks. I have kept on telling myself to work hard on the grade, just a lot of times, I am very doubting on my ability. It seems a long way to go before I can ready myself for the application, and always doubt on myself whether I could sustain until that point. Besides, to me this path involves a lot of sacrifications too (especially the time with the family).

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