1. What exactly is the name of that Basic Anesthesia book you guys where talking about a while ago? I think I'll buy off amazon and paruse it over the summer. before shcool.
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  3. by   nilepoc
    Clinical anesthesia book by Morgan and Mikhail and Murray.

    The link goes to Amazon.

  4. by   TexasCRNA
    Actually the very basic book is called Basics of Anesthesia by Stoelting and Miller. It was the first book we used to cut our teeth on then we went on to the Clin of anes.
  5. by   ufmatt
    I have read through some of the book nilepoc mentioned and must say it is incredible. It came very highly recommended from a couple CRNAs I talk to.

  6. by   Qwiigley
    Great books, Morgan, Stoelting and of course, don't forget, Nagelhaut. Excellent!
  7. by   New CCU RN
    Can any of you all suggest a reference book for CCU nursing? I know this is a CRNA site but most of you all have been there in the ICU;s first...any suggestions on a good book particularly with gtts and titrating them...?
  8. by   ctbsurf
    another book recommended to me by a srna is:
    <anesthesiologist's manual of surgical procedures> by :
    jaffe & samuels.
    it breaks down surgical cases: description, summary of prcocedure, pre-, intra-, and post-op anesthetic considerations w/ possible complications

  9. by   nilepoc
    The ICU Book, by Paul Maurino is one of the best best general ICU bookis out there.

  10. by   AL bug
    Love the Jaffe book. I wouldn't be able to do care plans without it since I have such limited knowledge of specific surgeries.
  11. by   WntrMute2
    Most basic book is Basics of Anesthesia by Stolting, also know as Anesthesia for Dummies. Really, really basic. My reccomendation is Nilepoc's firrst reccomendation, Clinical Anesthesia by Morgan & Milhail. DO NOT confuse with Clinical Anesthesia by Barash. Barash's is a great book I use it all the time, but not 1 to start with!!! You could by The handbook of the later, if you can afford that one and Morgan & Mikhail. it is a great reference, and I spilled coffee on mine the other day, I'll be running out to get one this afternoon.

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