Baylor Medical College in Houston

  1. What do you think about Baylor in Houston? I haven't seen any reviews on them yet. Any opinions? Thanks!

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  3. by   tenkev
    I just interviewed at Baylor in Houston about 2 weeks ago. It was my 1st interview anywhere and I wasn't sure what to expect. I was very, very impressed by everyone there and the program as it was presented to us. The class size is small (12) and every student I spoke to raved about how great a program and how helpful the faculty is. Meeting with the director and other staff was very impressive too. They are friendly and seem to be on the ball. I am very hopful to hear from them. They were not my 1st choice until now but I still have one more interview at Samuel Merritt. It's going to take alot to impress me more than Baylor did. But I guess I have to get accepted to one before I can choose.

  4. by   N-2bate
    I also had an interview at Baylor, and just received my acceptance letter. Have you heard anything from them yet? I was also impressed at their program and facility. I hope to see you there.
  5. by   Nitecap
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  6. by   Diprivan/Vented
    The only thing I didn't like about the Baylor program is that they send all rejection letters out at one time. So those that didn't get an interview were notified of rejection at the same time as those that were interviewed and rejected. I think that's a bit unfair for those that want/need to make plans to go to other schools or simply to make plans in general about their major life events. Also, on the Baylor CRNA program website, it says when interviews are held, so once that date nears and passes, I think the applicant gets the idea, but Baylor should at least show some courtesy and formally notify the applicant of rejection by letter first, not by the nearing and passing of a date of interview on a website. It's a minor point, but if you're thinking about applying to other schools or trying to plan your life events while applying to Baylor, you should take this into consideration.
  7. by   TraumaMaster
    I too interviewed at Baylor and was very impressed until I got a letter that said sorry we could not grant you an interview. I was like, huh? I already interviewed. Anyway, the generic letter helped reaffirm my decision for the school I had already chosen.