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  1. Hi guys, I justed landed my second interview, the first one is at Barry Univ. on July 24, can anyone tell me about Barrys program, their interview process etc. and the second one is at Univ of Penn Aug 23,
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    Dear pgreen,
    Thanks for your reply. What a coincidence - we were posting our threads at the same time. No, I don't live in Florida but I do have relatives there who could be very useful when I am (if ???) a starving student. All I heard is that they accept quite a few like 50 or 60 ?? I'd really like to know if they ask clinical questions, etc. I too am considering RSVP'ing for the 24th. Hope there's room on that day, if not, it would have to be at the end of Aug. Hope to hear more.
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    Please keep us posted how your interview went. I am hoping to be interviewing for Barry in 1 year. Thanks!
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    How did the interviews go? What questions were you asked? Thanks!
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    [QUOTE=FLCRNA2B]How did the interviews go? What questions were you asked? Thanks![/QUOT

    I PM'd you FLCRNA!

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