Anesthesia related programs for the palm.

  1. Hey all, just wanted to get some idea for downloads that you may use or know of for my PDA. I've got the two from skyscape ( anesthesia drugs and clinical anes )and the usual free stuff like ACLS, medcal, medmath, Epocrates. Also picked up Essence of Anesthesia when I bought the book. Thanks, Gowkout.

    Come on Nilepoc, I know you got something I dont have ...yet
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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    here's a link for a BUNCH of downloads..some free..some trials...some ya gotta pay for...i love this site... i have a visor prism...
  4. by   nilepoc
    I actually have a pretty lame collection of anesthesia related programs.

    I have Clinical Anesthesia, Barash, Cullen ..... I am not sure if this one is worth paying for. any opinions?

    O2 tank for figuring out the minutes left on an o2 tank
    Palm EKG Learning tool for rhythm recognition
    RSI A drug calculator for RSI related stuff
    ICUmath Figures swan numbers and other stuff

    Non medical, I have about twenty games, I beta test for astraware and get them for free.

    I use megalauncher, and would not have it any other way. This program allows me to launch large databases off of the memory card, and supports the hires screen on my clie.

    Handbase is a must have, I think I am going to use it to track my cases.

    Wordsmith, for working on word documents on the go.

    Fast Cpu for overclocking.

    Count down, this is how I know to the minute when i get to quite work.

    Datebook4, as the palm datebook does not allow 24 hour events that span midnight. If you work nights you know what I mean, this is a must have program.

    I plan to get some of the stuff you all mentioned and see how they are.
  5. by   lgcv
    The one I most frequently use in clinicals is alticopeia, it is a hanDbase program (freeware).
    There are so many patients taking herbals, and resources regarding lab changes and drug interactions are hard to come by. This program offers all of that information plus side effects/uses etc., for nearly every herbal drug out there.
  6. by   AL bug
    I have an IPac Pocket PC that runs Windows. I have Barash Clinical Anesthesia and Anesthesia drugs by Sota. I haven't started clinicals yet, so I have some time to get what I need. As I'm sure you all know, the Palm software does not work, so I have to get Pocket PC software. Does anyone have a Pocket PC or suggestions for other software for me to get? Would you suggest buying the Barash and Drugs program?
    I think tracking cases on it is a good idea, very handy(no pun intended).
  7. by   TexasCRNA
    Nilepoc , I have got most of those, I guess I will have to wait for some new stuff to come out. Thanks for the input.

    As far as the Clinanes I like to use it as a reference when I am on the go (clinicals) so that I dont have to carry around books in my scrub pockets. The program is not as complete as the book but its better than nothing.

    I really like the Anesdrugs by Sota. One of the other programs I find useful is the Handbook of Anesthesia. It comes as a little handbook and you can download for your palm. I think it also can be downloaded for the Pocket PC.

    I have formatted a ton of cheat sheets to my memo and like pain service meds and MDAs likes and dislikes for cases.

    The last one to mention is the Essence of Anesthesia program. It is very basic but it is to the point and made for anesthesia. They sell the disc with the book and it can also be downloaded to your palm. It gives specifics on what to look for different types of cases and disease processes for anesthesia. Mighty handy when they start throwing you in different rooms for cases that you might not be familiar with along with the major problems to look out for during the case. I use the book to help with my care plans and just for a more generalized description of cases.
  8. by   smogmatt
    dumb question but .... where do you find icumath or datebook4

    i checked palm, handspring, and's websites and no luck

    thanks everybody for the great info.

  9. by   ageless
    The link for ICU math is: Datebook4 may be there also, I've tried datebook4, but don't care for it.
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  10. by   RNpalm
    Hi Gowkout

    Here's a free download you may want to try:

    GASNet PDA

    Anesthesia resources version 1.0 contains information about perioperative management of pre-eclampsia, intracranial hypertension, sleep apnea, and more.

    It also contains brief descriptions of 200 syndromes, and a Spanish to English medical phrasebook.

  11. by   TexasCRNA
    Thanks for the info Ken, I am already on top of that one. They also have a message board thats pretty good at times that discuss different anes pearls. I have learned a few new tech's that are not practiced at my hospital. Another good message board for CRNAs and SRNAs is the old gass passer group that is located at Yahoo groups. Lee
  12. by   Passin' Gas
    Revived this thread for the question about software downloads or books for clinical.
  13. by   g8rlimey
    Here is a link off OGP, it may help.

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