Amerian Association of Critical Care Nurses

  1. I've been an active member and supporter of AACN for years now. Have my CCRN and sit on the board of my local chapter. My membership expires next month, and I am contemplating renewal, as I will be an SRNA in a couple of months. I'm a firm believer of professional organisations, and I know the AANA will have a student membership available for me. My question is, are there any SRNAs or CRNAs out there that still hold CCRN or/and AACN certification/membership? If so, why did you still maintain it and is it helpful? Thanks

    If you are a student AANA rep, what is your experience?
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  3. by   nomadcrna
    I dropped mine in 1991. There is absolutely no reason to keep it once you are a CRNA.
  4. by   NurseKitten
    I've kept mine, but have only been a CRNA for 6 months. Not sure if I'll renew it. I do think CRNA's involvement with AACN is important, as we are a good resource to help facilitate deeper understanding of intensive monitoring and physiology.
  5. by   pedimac
    Dropped mine when I got into school. I agree with supporting organizations, but a CRNA is not a critical care nurse. Different mindsets, different practices, different political issues. If you want to continue to support the AACN since you have been part of it for so long, that's your decision (kind of like supporting my alma mater), but the AACN does not support and fight for CRNA practice.
  6. by   AbeFrohman
    No CRNA keeps their CCRN certification. At least none that I have met, and I guarantee if I still had mine they would have laughed at me.
  7. by   love-d-OR
    Thanks guys. It sounded like a waste of money...