Advanced/Graduate Stats Requirement

  1. Hello all, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this board. The answers I receive here are SO much more relevant/understandable than if I were to ask nurse ed administrators/counselors etc.!

    I have another question. Schools for nurse anesthesia often have the requirement of having an advanced, or grad level, stats course under your belt before applying to the school. Are they talking about grad level nursing stats (which at my school there are SO many I wouldn't know which one to choose), or would they accept a grad stats from another discipline (i.e. as an undergrad I had advanced pscyh stats (510 level) and earned a "B," I went to grad school for clinical psych for a year and did Adv. stats 1 (got a B/C), and Adv. stats 3 (got a B)? Or what if I took stats at the grad level in the School of Education, or something, (at the school I will be going to this fall to earn my BSN)?

    In general, what type of advanced/grad stats did you all take before applying to your nurse anes. schools?
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  3. by   London88
    Most of the schools in Philadelphia, of which there are five, simply ask for one course in undergrad stats. I believe it must include inferential/ descriptive stats. I would not concern myself too much since you have had more than one course and I am sure you have met the requirements.
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  4. by   SCHMEGGA
    One course should be more than enough for most places. It is here in Texas.
  5. by   purplemania
    Better check your school catalog. I took one Stats for BSN and another for MSN (education track). BTW: good websites for statistics are