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how many states are aa's practicing in currently? how close are they to getting approval in other states? I guess what i'm worried about is the fact that i'll be $140,000 in debt with student loans... Read More

  1. by   athomas91
    And, for all you worriers and ruminators out there, understand this. CRNAs have been providing anesthesia in this country for decades. We are here to stay. In what capacity we will be able to practice depends on our continuing support of our national organization and political involvement to protect our practice rights at the state and national levels.
    well said - it should not be a concern or worry - IF CRNA'S AND SRNA'S stay involved in the AANA and local chapters. i have found that many students do not find the time to understand the issues or even to be aware of them - which is a mistake - being involved prior to actually beginning our practice will only prepare us for our responsibilities once we pass that test!!