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Ok, I understand the whole natural birth and women have been doing it for centuries etc etc but why do midwifes (not all but quite a few) shove their noses in the air when someone wants a painfree... Read More

  1. by   crissrn27
    Quote from tntrn
    If those are direct quotes, then they didn't say you were wrong for breastfeeding either; just that they were happy they never did it. And even if you didn't tell your SIL you thought she was a bad mother for bottlefeeding, do you think she is a bad mother for bottlefeeding? People read so much into what isn't really said and sometimes that becomes the real message.

    I did not breastfeed either of my children, had no desire whatsoever to do so. I am very close to each of them (they were held for each and every bottle and never learned that they could hold it themselves); They are bright, intelligent, productive adults who are successfull and I challenge anyone to pick them out of a crowd, do the "tsk, tsk,, they weren't breast fed".

    It's a choice, people. Maybe not your choice or my choice, but it's someone's choice, and we should honor it as their choice and support them as much as we can.
    The exact words aren't the issue, the intent of the message is. And the message in this case was....you shouldn't be breastfeeding and I think you are probably hurting your child. And of course I don't think my SIL is a bad mother, she is great! And I have never said anything, not even veiled comments,(like they did with me), to imply otherwise.
  2. by   Oznurse2b
    Oh you should come over to Australia!!

    We are starting to adopt more of a "birth centre" way! In a birth centre there is no "medical" intervention...if you want an epi or other drugs (not including gas) you are then transferred over to the birth suite on the ward. All Australian public births are initially manged by a midwife, only seeing an obs if there are problems...

    Mind you though, there is a waiting list quite long to some midwife managed programs, so they are quite popular with few and far between.