Volunteer advice, maybe controversial?

  1. Hello,

    First time writing a topic post! I will be starting Nursing school soon; I want to build on my specialty before graduating to better my chances of landing the job I am passionate about.

    I want to be a Certified Nurse Midwife. I feel it is a calling and I can't imagine myself anywhere else. However, I am very aware of how difficult and how popular, it is to get into anything OB related in hospitals. Which brings me to volunteering.

    I'm playing around with the idea of volunteering at Planned Parenthood while in school. I think its right up there with my specialty and I strongly support everything good it is doing for woman. However, I live in a very uptight southern state, that is more Pro-Life than not.

    Should I be worried that volunteering at Planned Parenthood will affect my chances of getting an OB job at a hospital because of others personal beliefs? Or would it help?

    Also, any other ideas for volunteering options that hiring managers in OB like to see?

    so very grateful for this site and everyone who responds!

    warm regards,
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  4. by   klone
    I would not worry that your volunteer activities at PP would prevent you from getting a job on an OB unit. Only a TINY fraction of services that PP provides is abortion-related.
  5. by   pro-student
    OB units are likely to be more aware and open to full scope of women's health services. They will have cared for women who have terminated a pregnancy and may have cared for rare occasions when complications occur during termination procedures. The vast majority of PP services are more primary care (contraception, STI services, cancer screening) and anything you do with likely not be related to abortion services anyway. If an employer had an issue with you experience at PP it should be a red flag that this is not a place you want to be working.