RN (Diploma) to CNM?

  1. I went to nursing school in Germany and received a diploma in 2002. We moved to the US in 2005 and since this summer (2012) I'm an RN in CA. I'm currently working at a surgery center but my ultimate goal is to be a CNM.
    What would you guys recommend? Going for a BSN first and then heading towards my Master/CNM or going directly into a CNM program? If so, which University would you recommend? I need something online - my husband is in the military and we're moving a lot. I've heard George Washington university is pretty good, anyone experience with that? Any help and info would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   queenanneslace
    Have you looked at Frontier Nursing University? There are multiple entry options for the nurse-midwifery program.

    It would probably be least expensive to complete a BSN, then apply to graduate programs.
  4. by   Dalla
    There are 6 schools that have midwifery online, some with campus visits required.
    1. East Caroline University - approximately $39,600 for the 2 year program - ranked #26
    2. Frontier Nursing University - $29,700 - 2 years - ranked #13
    3. Georgetown University - $79,000 - 18 months - ranked #19 - 3 visits required
    4. Philadelphia University - $45,694 - 2 years - ranked #29
    5. Stony Brook University - $34,290 - 2 years - ranked #24
    6. Univ. of Cincinnati - $41,289 - 2 years - ranked #35

    This list will significantly lower your search. Check out each of them and see what their requirements are, if they require a BSN already, or have RN - CNM programs. Some will require L&D experience, others just general nursing experience. I am just starting at Georgetown this week, so can't really comment on it too much yet. Good luck in deciding!