Refuse to administer abortion?

  1. I know this is probably getting into dangerous territory on the message board, but I'm generally curious from the other thread. If you are one who are opposed to abortion (regardless of the reason for that opposition), do you refer your patients somewhere else to have the procedure done? Or do you administer them if legislation allows?

    I know for me, I am pro-choice but wouldn't ever get one for myself. I know I'll have a hard time if a patient ever requests one, but I also know that I have to respect that person's views and I can't bring personal feelings into it. IDK, though. I still have years before I'm in that position. I wonder if I'll feel more comfortable with it in some situations over others.
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  3. by   blackbird singing
    Can CNMs even do abortions? I don't think that's part of the typical teaching that CNMs receive, which means they would have to go out of their way to be trained in abortions. If you aren't trained in it, you can't provide it, thus avoiding the awkward "i'm pro-choice, but don't feel comfortable performing your abortion" conversation. That's what I've understood of it though...
  4. by   RNLaborNurse4U
    Yes, CNMs can provide medical abortions (in some states - check your state regulations). Medical abortions are the oral medications to induce abortion in the first trimester. Surgical abortion (D&C, D&E) is a physician's scope.

    CNMs can also provide 2nd trimester medical abortion management as well, in a hospital setting. This type of medical abortion could include: pitocin, prostin suppositories, hemabate injections, or other medications used to induce labor.
  5. by   mommy2boysaz
    You have to follow both the state regs and your conscience. Even if the law allows it, you don't have to offer any service you are not comfortable offering. Just tell any patient that requests it that you do not offer that service and they will have to look elsewhere.

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