Midwife salary

  1. I'm looking into getting my CNM. What's the salary like out there? Is it worth it? What's the salary difference between a CNM and a Lay-midwife? Where I work there aren't a lot of midwives. But where I moved from there was a lot working in the hospitals. How do I go about seeing if there will be a call for CNMs in my area?
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  3. by   d'andrea
    i too would like to know the starting salary for a nurse-midwife. how much education is needed and any special requirments to start a practice of my on. if any one knows the answers, please respond or email me at dandrea916@aol.com
  4. by   Christian Nurse
    From what I'm told it depends on the area of the country that you are employed. I live in Michigan and I think they start around $78 to $82 thousand per year. Go to midwifejobs.com. That may be a good start for you. Also remember the further south you move the less your pay maybe. Happy searching.
  5. by   2011BSN
    Christian Nurse, thanks for the website recommendation. I didn't know it existed, but that is a great resource to have for the future.
  6. by   tablefor9
    Look at the MANA website and the ACNM websites. Also, Midwifery Today has an excellent resource that will help with those questions.
  7. by   arabianeyez83
    In the hospital where I work..starting pay for a new grad CNM is 38-40 dollars an hr.