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Hello!! I wanted to make a topic for the bridge class I'm applying to so anyone else that is applying and have some peer support and so any questions can be asked. I'm going to send in my packet... Read More

  1. by   djmatte
    Quote from Patchouli
    Quick question for you Frontier students. I'm a little confused on the required math for this school. It's not covered anywhere on their website. With an ADN, college level algebra was not needed. Would this need to be obtained before applying, or is it not necessary with their program?
    Hard to gauge math requirements as most schools require different things from their nurses. I would call their registrar and find out. Better than wasting 100 bucks on applying when theres a risk they will look over your transcripts and potentially not let you in. I had college algebra...but it may not be necessary. A friend even told me the FNU stats class is geared more toward nursing than being a traditional stats class. So it should be a bit better for us.
  2. by   CarolAnnVan
    I think its a great idea - I have done this before with yahoo groups - count me in! Ist a great way to share with each other, and since we cant meet at Starbucks in person to make a study group... What options are there for all meeting up via skype or another video chat? (*** Disclaimer - I am most prob the oldest of the group, so it wont be pretty... LOL)!
  3. by   djmatte
    Hey there Carol. I'd suggest a google plus hangout. If you have a gmail account, you can creat a google plus account that is kind of like a facebook page. Withing google+, you can create chat environments that support both written text as well as video. There is a max of 10 people in a hangout. But it would be useful because you can set one up for your online groups, or if there's people who want to study together. My gmail account is If anyone would like to add me to their G+ account, I would be ok with it!
  4. by   CarolAnnVan
    Will do - havent used this feature on google yet. Will e-mail you though if I have questions!
  5. by   LMossRN
    I would like that too. My gmail is Got to learn google+
  6. by   FreckledCoffeeRN
    Quote from frylockholmes
    I GOT IN!!! I got the email @ 1335.
    Congrats! I got in too! For Class 112.
  7. by   MamaMaker
    Hey everyone! I'm a RN with about 1 year of experience in med/surg. I'm thinking about applying to Frontier's CNM program (after doing the bridge part). How are you ladies enjoying it? Do any of you have small children? How is it balancing family and the program? Thanks in advance!
  8. by   frylockholmes
    We haven't actually started yet... We go to orientation on Monday the 25th! I'd probably check some other forums(like with earlier class numbers) and see what they have to say. We have just as many questions as you do! I will say, though, to do what's in your heart and follow your dreams! Have a nice day!

    (sorry, I've got a coffee high, lol)
  9. by   crossingfingers10
    Hi Everyone!

    I plan on applying to Frontier's CNM program to start next Spring. I have been an RN for nearly three years, and will have my BSN at the end of this year. Do any of you know whether I can apply before receiving my BSN or if I cannot submit until it is complete? I am hoping I could apply ahead of time in order to start sooner, but I can't find anything specifically regarding this on their website or in the catalog.

    Thanks in advance & CONGRATS to all of you who have been accepted! Have you started courses yet?