CNM doing only office/clinic OB/GYN work (no LD work)

  1. Any CNMs out there, or that you know/heard of that only do office/clinic OB care but no actual deliveries/births? I know that WHNPs can do this, but I crave the knowledge of extensive OB care and that's why will be pursing CNM. As a new grad, could taking such a position be a good thing (1st job)?

    Would they hire my over a WHNP or an FNP? How often does this happen where the CNM is a new grad or one with little experience who does only office or clinic work (full scope minus the delivery part)? I would be ok with this to some extent i think especially if i cannot be flexible in terms of location for my first job.

    I have heard "retired" cnms might do this, but what about others?
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  3. by   ixchel
    I've just learned that the only OB office in our town has hired 2 midwives and they've been denied hospital privileges. They only do well woman, routine stuff and prenatal checkups. Very, very disheartening. The problem is, if you find an office like this particular one, you may be surrounded by a lot of very medically oriented doctors like the ones here and it may not at all support your training as a midwife trusting birth and women's bodies.
  4. by   arabianeyez83
    I know of CNM's only working triage in L&D, no clinic, and no deliveries. I would advise you not to start your career not practicing full scope.
  5. by   Allison T
    I agree with the above comment, but in many areas, there simply are not any or many full-scope CNM positions. So in that case, if you are faced with a choice between a job that doesn't use your CNM skills at all, or one that uses part of your CNM skills, it could be a wise decision to take what you can get.
    The "problem" I personally have had in CNM jobs is that I am strongly committed to evidence-based practice. I took a job in an OB-CNM practice and in my interviews talked about how important EBP was to me. They all said, yes yes, that's what we do. And I came to find out very quickly that they (ANY of them) wouldn't have known the evidence if it hit them in the face. The CNM did what their "ancient wisdom" told them and the MDs did what the drug reps told them.
    I have since interviewed for other CNM jobs, and found similar lack of dedication to EBP. At one job, it was all about "stripping" membranes starting at 39 weeks, and AROM in labor.
    I hope to start my own practice within a few years. Meanwhile, I am working clinic, and taking call for another midwife at times, and teaching.
    The argument many CNMs make for taking a triage-only job is that "the doctors will get to know you, and begin to accept CNM practice." Perhaps this works for some. In my area, there are numerous hospitals that have used CNMs for triage only for years, and they still don't have full-scope CNMs.
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