C-Section First Assist Training

  1. I am very interested in being a CNM/WHNP and I've seen online that CNM can be trained as a first assist during c-section. I'm wonder what kind of training or certification is involved in order to do this? Is it a standardized training or different based on the providers/hospital/setting you work in?

    Thank in advance for your responses!!
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  3. by   Dodongo
    I can't speak directly to the CNM functioning as a first assist (solely for cesareans), however, I would imagine they would want you to get your RNFA. This would give you training in surgical anatomy, suturing, handling tissue, pre/post op order sets, etc. The RNFA programs I looked into seemed to cover cesareans as a core competency.
  4. by   imenid37
    Philadelphia University has a course to educate CNM's to function as 1st assist. Philadelphia University | SCPS Home*Surgical First Assisting in Cesarean Delivery Registration