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Okay, I'm really doing it. After an entire year of praying, researching and planning, I'm printing out my application to Frontier. My husband is really 110% behind this decision and is making a... Read More

  1. by   richelle362
    When I told someone I wanted to be a midwife, she asked me if "someone hit me in the head".
  2. by   mommy2boysaz
    :rollIt really is so funny the reactions people have when you say the word "midwife".
    I worked last year part time as a school nurse and one of the teachers asked me why I wasn't returning this year. When I said I was planning to return to school, she perked right up, "Oh, really! What are you going back for?" When I said I was going to be a Certified Nurse Midwife, she just looked at me, her smile faded, and she looked away without saying a word! Fortunately someone else walked up at that moment and changed the subject. You'd have thought I told her I was planning to study witchcraft!
    Now I try to be a little more cautious about who and under what circumstances I tell people. Plus, I try to remember that I once had no idea what a midwife was or did or that they even existed in modern society. It is just going to take time to familiarize people with the profession. Guess you could say we are all pioneers! Hopefully someday midwife assisted births will be the norm and not the exception in the US, just as in other countries!

    I can't wait to get started!!
  3. by   CNM2B
    I have had similar reactions. Even nurse friends of mine would say, "
    oh, I didn't use a nuse midwife because I wanted pain medication during my delivery." People have no clue.
    When I moved to Columbus, Ohio where I have lived for awhile now, I had a coworker who told me she went to an OB practice and saw the CNM there. I went on her recommendation and love my CNM so much I wanted to become one. It's funny how one interaction with the right person can change your life.